Best answer: Which river in India is called the salt water river?

The Luni derived its name from the Sanskrit lavanavari (“salt river”) and is so called because of its excessive salinity. With a course of some 330 miles (530 km), the Luni is the only major river of the area, and it serves as an essential source of irrigation waters.

What is a saltwater river called?

In estuaries, the salty ocean mixes with a freshwater river, resulting in brackish water. Brackish water is somewhat salty, but not as salty as the ocean. An estuary may also be called a bay, lagoon, sound, or slough. … When dense, salty seawater flows into an estuary, it has an estuarine current.

Which is largest Salt river in India?

The Sambhar Salt Lake, India’s largest inland salt lake, is located 80 km (50 mi) southwest of the city of Jaipur and 64 km (40 mi) northeast of Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Sambhar Salt Lake.

Sambhar Lake
Primary outflows Luni River
Catchment area 5,700 km2 (2,200 sq mi)
Basin countries India
Designation Ramsar Site

Is the Ganges river salt water?

Today, the river flows through well-populated regions of India, providing freshwater to the millions of people living in these regions. The river is also used for fishing, irrigation, and bathing, and it is worshiped in the Hindu religion as the Mother Ganga.

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Which is the second Salt river in India?

Pulicat Lagoon is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India, (after Chilika Lake), measuring 759 square kilometres (293 sq mi).

Pulicat Lake.

Pulicat Lagoon
Primary inflows Arani River, Kalangi River and Swarnamukhi River
Primary outflows Bay of Bengal
Basin countries India
Max. length 60 km (37.3 mi)

What is the saltiest river?

Jordan River

It is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean.

Where is brackish water found in India?

Notable brackish bodies of water in India are Chilika Lake in Odisha,Kutch Salt Marsh,Pulicat Lake of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala Backwaters. These brackish bodies of water are home to rich flora and fauna diversity and endangered animals,variety of migratory birds.

Which is the largest lagoon in India?

Chilika Lake is the largest brackish water lake with estuarine character that sprawls along the east coast of India. It is considered to be the largest lagoon in India and counted amongst the largest lagoons in the world.

Which lake has salt water?

Salt Water lakes and lagoons are different in category but almost same in nature. Sambhar lake of Rajasthan is India’s largest inland salt water lake and Chilka lake is the India’s largest brackish water saline lake, Here is the list of notable salt water lakes of India.

Where is salt water lake in India?

The Sambhar Salt Lake, India’s biggest inland salt lake, is found 80 km (50 miles) southwest of the city of Jaipur and 64 km (40 miles) upper east of Ajmer, Rajasthan. It encompasses the chronicled Sambhar Lake Town.

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Which river is known as old Ganga?

The river Godavari because of its large size and peninsular tributaries is often called Vridha Ganga or Older Ganga.

What kind of river is the Ganga?

River Ganga is the world’s third-largest river on the basis of discharge of water and considered as most sacred. The Bhagirathi River is a Himalayan River which flows in Uttarakhand state. It is one of the two headstreams of the pious Ganga River. Its length is 205 km and has a basin of 6,921 sq km.