Can you travel to India by train?

Can I travel to India by train?

While it is easy to think of overcrowded trains with passengers sitting on the roof thanks to films and the media, India is safe to travel by train on the long-distance express trains that offer a multitude of options; AC Chair Car, AC1, AC2 sleeper, and more. Furthermore, all seats are reserved and civilized.

Can you travel from UK to India by train?

1 London (United Kingdom) – Delhi (India)

Travel from Great Britain to India by train and flight. First travel by train to an international airport in Great Britain. Then take a flight to India. … There is no passenger rail service available to get to India by train.

Can foreigners travel by train in India?

Foreign tourists are allowed to register their demand up to ✅ 365 days in advance till the train is made open for booking as per advanced reservation period (ARP). The demand is registered for all types of trains.

How can I get to India?

Most visitors fly into India but that’s not the only way to get there. There are overland routes from countries such Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Visitors who enter India by bus or train have to show their passport or relevant identification and have the required visa.

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Can you take a train from Europe to India?

Europe to India overland…

However, you can’t just buy a London-Delhi train ticket and hop on a train to India. Far from it. Such a 2 or 3-week trip should not be undertaken lightly, it takes a lot of D.I.Y. … But for adventurous travellers willing to brave this, it can be an epic trip.

Can British Indian go to Pakistan?

Visas. If you’re travelling to Pakistan on a British passport, you will need to get a visa before you travel. Visa violations can be treated as a criminal offence and could result in a fine or detention. Journalists’ visas often have additional travel restrictions, which you should observe.

How long does it take from England to India by boat?

The voyage from England to India via the Cape of Good Hope took six months at least, and you might have another three or four months of traveling to do before reaching your final destination.

How can I go to London from India by road?

Source There are two possible ways by which a person can travel from India in order to reach London – one that goes through Pakistan and the other that passes China. Since it is virtually impossible to gain permits that will allow you to cross Pakistan, China seems to be the only option.

Can we access Irctc from outside India?

While the website does work from multiple locations outside India, with the exception of Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, the site was not accessible from all other major cities in US or Canada. Summary of website availability from across the world.

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How can book ticket in Irctc for foreigner?

Foreign Tourists (including NRIs) holding valid passport can now avail Foreign Tourist Quota facility to book railway tickets online using IRCTC eTicketing website International Users can book tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota upto 365 days in advance.

Can we book Irctc ticket from outside India?

Foreign Tourists (including NRIs) holding a valid passport can now avail the IRCTC Foreign Tourist Quota facility to book railway tickets online. … According to the ticketing arm of the Indian Railways, international users can book tickets under the IRCTC Foreign Tourist Quota up to 365 days in advance.