Frequent question: How can I get my degree certificate from Mumbai University?

How do I get my original degree certificate from University?

Students can get their degree certificates directly from the college or universities and also by applying online. After the application form has been submitted and verification of documents is done, the officials of colleges will post the degree to your address. It may take a few weeks or months to get your degree.

How can I get a copy of my degree certificate?

Register an FIR (First Information Report) for loss/theft of the degree certificate to the nearest Police Station. 2. Advertise the loss in a National Daily furnishing the details of the degree and the full address of the candidate with a request for return of the document if received within a reasonable period.

What is degree certificate Mumbai University?

After completing their graduation/master’s/postgraduate or degree in a certain subject, students are given a degree certificate.

How can I get my lost graduation certificate from Mumbai University?

How do I get a duplicate degree certificate from Mumbai…

  1. First, you need to get an NC or FIR.
  2. Then, Make an INR 100 Notary affidavit.
  3. Keep 2 xerox copies of your mark sheet ready.
  4. You also need to pay INR 305.
  5. You need to keep the date of the convocation and the Convocation (Degree) Certificate number.
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Can I get degree certificate after 10 years?

You can apply for it. For this you will have to approach to your college and give an application requesting TC. After proper verification and no dues they will issue Transfer Certificate.

How can I get my degree certificate from MG University?

for the applicant are provided. Step 1: Click on the Apply for Equivalency/Eligibility Certificate Menu. Step 2: Check whether you are eligible to apply for equivalency/eligibility certificate by providing your education details and purpose for which certificate is required.

How can I get my degree certificate online from Mumbai University?

Students will be able to access their degree certificates digitally by registering on the Digilocker website. Earlier, University Grants Commission (UGC) had asked all educational institutions to store the academic credentials of their past and presents students on Digilocker through NAD.

How can I check my degree certificate online in India?


  1. Select your Institute. & upload certificate.
  2. Make payment & request verification.
  3. Receive your e-verified. certificate.

How do I get an original copy of my lost certificate?

Go to the nearest police station and file a complaint mentioning the loss of the certificate and the details of the certificate. Get a copy of the FIR. Report to the University. Publish in the newspaper informing the loss of the marklist or certificate.

Is degree certificate and provisional certificate same?

Degree certificates are different from provisional certificates. A degree certificate draws light on the kind of course as well as the specialization pursued by a candidate, whereas, a provisional certificate has details related to marks secured in a particular course.

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What is a degree certificate?

A degree certificate or diploma is awarded by an educational establishment to show that someone has successfully completed a course of study.

How can I get Moi letter from Mumbai University?

How can I get my Medium of Instruction from Mumbai University?

  1. Provide authorization letter. …
  2. ID Proof (Passport or Aadhar) soft copy.
  3. Local address where you want to ship MOI Certificate hard copy.
  4. Front and back side copies of degree and mark-sheets.