Frequent question: What is the status of Hindi in India?

No language in India is conferred with the status of being a national language. Article 343, of the constitution allows Hindi (written in Devanagari script) along with English to be the official languages of the union i.e. Government of India.

What is the rank of Hindi language in India?

More than one million speakers

Rank Language 2011 Census of India (total: 1,210,854,977)
1 Hindi 43.63%
2 Bengali 8.03%
3 Marathi 6.86%

What is the status of Hindi in India class 10th?

Complete answer:

In The Constitution of India, it is stated that Hindi shall be the Official Language of the Union of India. The Constitution declared so in 1950. In Article 343(1) of the Constitution, it is specified that Hindi in Devanagari script shall be the Official Language of the Union of India.

What is the status of Hindi in the world?

Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language of the world in 2019 with 615 million speakers. The 22nd edition of the world language database Ethnologue stated English at the top of the list with 1,132 million speakers. Chinese Mandarin is at the second position with 1,117 million speakers.

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Is Hindi dying in India?

Originally Answered: Is Hindi dying out? Percentage of First Language speakers of Hindi has steadily increased from 36.5% to 41% since Independence(more at the expense of smaller languages and conflation than taking share from other 10 major languages). So, there is no sign of decline there.

Which is the bad language in India?

India’s Karnataka state says it plans to send a legal notice to Google after it showed the state’s official language as the “ugliest language in India”. A Google search with these keywords on Thursday showed Kannada as the top result.

Which language is best in India?

Top 10 Most Popular Indian Languages

  • Hindi. Hindi is officially the most popular language spoken across India. …
  • Bengali. The second most widely spoken language after Hindi is none other than Bengali which is said to be spoken by approximately 8% of the entire population. …
  • Telugu.

What is the status of Hindi in our Constitution?

The Indian constitution, in 1950, declared Hindi in Devanagari script to be the official language of the union.

What status has been given to Hindi by the?

Hindi is an Official language of India, but not a national language as stated by the Constitution of India. According to the Article 343 of Indian Constitution, Hindi is written in Devanagari script.

Is Hindi the official language of India Class 10?

Complete answer:

In 1949, India adopted its official language of the Union of India which is Hindi. In the year 1950, Hindi was considered as the official language of the language which has the script Devanagiri by the Constitution of India.

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Is Hindi increasing in India?

Hindi as a second language

A third data point is that non-Hindi speakers are increasingly picking it up as a second language.

Is Hindi important in India?

As such Hindi is incredibly important in the historic development of the world’s cultures and well worth not just honoring, but studying. … India is also a rising power in the world. It still struggles with poverty on a grand scale, but there is every indication that India is emerging as an economic powerhouse.

Who created Hindi language?

Like other Indo-Aryan languages, Hindi is a direct descendant of an early form of Vedic Sanskrit, through Sauraseni Prakrit and Śauraseni Apabhraṃśa (from Sanskrit apabhraṃśa “corrupt”), which emerged in the 7th century CE.