Frequent question: Who was the last victory in British India?

Lord Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of the British Indian Empire and the first Governor-General of independent India. The formula of ‘independence with a partition in India’ was almost accepted by Indian leaders before Lord Mountbatten became Viceroy in place of Lord Wavell.

Who was the last British victory?

Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy.

Who was the last victory of free India?

Louis Mountbatten, Earl Mountbatten of Burma became governor-general and oversaw the transition of British India to independence. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (1878-1972) became the only Indian and last governor-general after independence.

Who was the last victory of India in 1947?

Lord Mountbatten served as last Viceroy of India from 12 February 1947 – 15 August 1947; and then first Governor General of Free India from 15 August 1947 – 21 June 1948. During his tenure, India got independence in the form of two dominions of India Pakistan.

How long was Mountbatten in India?

Mountbatten remained in New Delhi for 10 months, serving as the first governor-general of an independent India until June 1948.

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Who were the first Governor-General and the last victory of India?

Note: > The first Governor-General of British India was Lord William Bentinck (1828 to 1835) and Chakravarti Rajagopalachari became the last Governor-General of India after Independence (1878-1972). >

Who was our last Governor-General?

Appendix 1 Governors General of Canada Since 1867

Term of Office1
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27. The Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean August 4, 2005 September 27, 2005
28. The Rt. Hon. David Lloyd Johnston July 8, 2010 October 1, 2010
29. The Rt. Hon. Julie Payette July 13, 2017 October 2, 2017

Who was the first victory of India?

Lord Canning became the first Viceroy of India under the Government of India act 1858.

Who is the last governor of India?

Governor-General of India

Viceroy and Governor-General of India
Final holder Lord Mountbatten (February 1947 – August 1947 as Viceroy of India) Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari (1948–1950 as Governor-general of Dominion of India)
Abolished 26 January 1950
Superseded by Governor-General of Pakistan (In Pakistan (1947))

Who was the last viceroy of India under British rule?

That man was Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India.

Who was the victory of India at the time of Indian independence?

The Correct Answer is Lord Mountbatten. Lord Mountbatten was the Viceroy of India at the time of India’s independence.