Has India won any series in South Africa?

India never won a Test series in SA, won only 2 of 17 Tests. Out of all the Test-playing nations where Test cricket has been hosted, South Africa and Australia are the two nations where India have never won a Test series. India have played six Test series in South Africa, losing five and drawing one.

How many times India have won Test series in South Africa?

Three Test wins in South Africa

Although India have failed to win a Test series in South Africa till date, they have managed to clinch a few matches in these tours. India’s first Test win ever in South Africa came in 2006 when Rahul Dravid was the captain.

How many matches India won in South Africa?

India have registered more wins against Australia than against any other team, with 28.

One Day International.

Opponent South Africa
Matches 84
Won 35
Lost 46

Has India ever won a Test match in South Africa?

Freedom Trophy is a cricket trophy that is awarded to the winner of Test series, known as Gandhi-Mandela series, between India and South Africa. First awarded in 2015, the trophy is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

List of Test series.

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First Match 2 October 2019
India 3
South Africa
Result India

Has India won any series in New Zealand?

India cruised to a second straight victory over World Cup runners-up New Zealand on Friday, giving new coach Rahul Dravid and new T20 captain Rohit Sharma their first series win.

Who is the best cricket team in the world?

ICC ODI Rankings

Pos Team Points
1 New Zealand 2054
2 England 3793
3 Australia 3244
4 India 3624

Who won more matches between India and South Africa?

Indian and South African cricket team have faced each other a total of 86 times in the 50-over cricket. South Africa have got better of India a total of 46 times. Whereas the Indian team has won 35 matches.

Has India ever won Test series in England?

India have so far won 3 Test series in England as series victories came in 1986 and 2007 after the first one in 1971.