How can I recharge my Indian number in Kuwait?

How can I recharge my Indian mobile in Kuwait?

How to use

  1. Send an SMS of the international number you want to recharge to 1919 (Example: SMS 009198XXXXXXXX to 1919 to recharge a number in India)
  2. Choose from the available credit options.
  3. Confirm the transaction by replying with Y to the same SMS.

How can I recharge my Indian mobile number from other country?

How to recharge an intenational number from India?

  1. First you have to choose the other country that you want to do international mobile recharge to from India.
  2. Select the country.
  3. Choose the amount you want to recharge.
  4. Finally, you pay for your recharge. …
  5. The top-up is immediately sent to the international mobile phone.

How can I recharge my Indian SIM online?

We often have recharge promotions available for Indian mobile operators.

Once you have a Ding account created you can top-up Indian mobiles in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the number to recharge.
  2. Select an amount.
  3. Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the recharge is sent to India!
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How can I recharge my Jio online in Kuwait?

Connect your world

  1. Select an amount to send.
  2. Enter the number you want to recharge.
  3. Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the Jio recharge is sent instantly.

How can I recharge my Kuwait number?

Top up a mobile phone in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Recharge details. Select the country, enter the phone number and choose the amount.
  2. Payment details. Enter your Credit or Debit Card details or your Paypal account.
  3. Phone is Topped Up! Your top up is applied in real-time, and the mobile is ready to use!

How can I recharge my Indian mobile from Kuwait Zain?

Zain balance transfer to India

  1. Dial: *111*Indian Number*Amount#
  2. Example: *111*00914428482069*2#
  3. Reply with 1 to confirm the amount of transfer.

How do I send airtime to another country?

How it works

  1. Dial *151#
  2. Select “Airtime and bundles”
  3. Select the global number option.
  4. Choose a country and operator from the available options.
  5. Enter the recipient MSIDSN and select an airtime value.
  6. Confirm if you accept the quote and the funds will be deducted from your MoMo wallet.

How do I transfer airtime to another country?

Once you’re registered and logged in, you can send an airtime top-up in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose to send to one of 130 countries then select Airtime as the transfer method.
  2. Enter the recipient’s mobile number.
  3. Select the amount you would like to send.
  4. Pay for your transfer.

How can I recharge my mobile in India?

How can I recharge my mobile online with a debit card?

  1. Enter your prepaid mobile number.
  2. Select your operator and circle if Paytm does not fetch it automatically.
  3. Apply promo code to get cashback on your recharge.
  4. Select debit card in the payment method.
  5. Enter your card details.
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How can I recharge my mobile number online?

How to Make Prepaid Mobile Recharge Online?

  1. Enter the phone number you want to carry out the online recharge for.
  2. Select the option from Prepaid/ Postpaid.
  3. Select your mobile operator.
  4. Select the circle you belong to.
  5. Check the online recharge plans designed exclusively for you or fill in the amount you want to recharge.

How can I activate my BSNL SIM?

Below are the steps to activate your BSNL 4G SIM.

  1. Turn off your mobile phone and insert your BSNL SIM card.
  2. Now, turn it back on and wait for the network signal to appear.
  3. Once you see the network signal on top of the display open the phone app.
  4. Dial 1507 from your phone and confirm your identity.

How can I send balance to India?

How does it work?

  1. Select ‘Airtime’ as the service in the ‘Send to’ box on our app or website.
  2. Enter and confirm your recipient’s phone number.
  3. Once a valid number has been entered, you’ll be presented with a range of top-up amounts available for that operator.
  4. Choose the amount you want to send and pay online.

How can I recharge MyJio online?

1. How to Make a Jio Online Mobile Recharge?

  1. Log in to your Freecharge app.
  2. Under the New Payments section, Select ‘Mobile’
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Change operator (if incorrectly displayed) and select Vi.
  5. Enter the recharge amount or choose from available plans.

How can I recharge MyJio number from abroad?

Step 1: You have to open the MyJio app and tap ‘Recharge’. Step 2: Now, you need to tap on ‘International Roaming’ & select the pack which you want to recharge. Step 3: You have to tap on buy and select the payment mode to process the payment.

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How do I recharge MyJio account?


  1. Go to
  2. Select Quick Pay option on Top right and select recharge.
  3. Choose JioFiber option from services and enter Service ID or RMN.
  4. Click on Submit. Select Plan & click on Buy.
  5. You will receive a recharge confirmation SMS and Email on your registered mobile number and Email ID.