How can I register to India from USA?

Indian nationals in the United States of America who seek to travel back to India may please fill the Registration Form in the following link: purpose of this Form is only to collect relevant information for planning purposes by the Government of India.

What is Embassy registration?

Registration notifies the US Embassy in each country of your travel plans and enrolls you in the State Department travel advisory and warnings program, keeping you informed about important occurrences in the countries you’ll visit.

How can I get Indian marriage certificate in USA?

How to get the Indian marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act?

  1. Apply to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage is solemnized.
  2. You can also apply to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction either party to the marriage has been residing at least for six months immediately preceding the date of marriage.

How can I send my GPA from USA to India?

How to get a power of attorney? Steps for creating a Power of Attorney

  1. STEP 1: Write the power of attorney on plain paper. …
  3. STEP 4:FEES Pay the fee at the Consulate. …
  4. STEP 5: Once your power of attorney is attested by the Indian Consulate/Embassy you can send it to India.
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Can we register Indian marriage in USA?

A marriage ceremony that is considered valid in India and such a marriage is registered as per Indian laws there is no need to re-register it in the U.S. It is recognised for all legal purposes under the principles of comity.

Do I need to register with my embassy?

Nevertheless, expat citizens of many countries often are advised to register with the embassy or consulate. Though this procedure generally is mandatory, it is preferable to complete it, as consular registration usually offers several benefits. Learn about this free service for expats.

How do I register with foreign embassies?

Americans living or traveling abroad are encouraged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate through the State Department’s travel registration website:

Can I get married in India on a tourist visa?

As per the visa manual, tourist visa can be converted to X2 visa only when the marriage takes place in India and gets registered within the validity of the present tourist visa. Contrary to that, if anyone wants to do so has to go back to his or her country and come back on X2 visa.

Can we register marriage online in India?

As discussed, a marriage in India can be registered both online and offline. Online registration of marriage in India is available in major cities across India. One need to log in to the official website of the state in which the marriage was solemnized, or either of the partners is residing for more than six months.

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Is foreign marriage recognized in India?

Recognition of marriage solemnized under law of other countries. provisions similar to those contained in this Act, it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, declare that marriages solemnized under the law in force in such foreign country shall be recognized by courts in India as valid.

Can I give power of attorney from USA to India?

How Do I Grant Power of Attorney to Someone in India from the U.S.? To be valid in India, the PoA needs to be attested by the Indian Embassy or any of the Indian consular offices in the U.S. This is possible either by appearing in person or making arrangements through the mail.

Is registered GPA valid?

A GPA must be registered with the sub-registrar’s office to get legal validity. … It is valid for the lifetime of the principal or the one who is awarding the GPA. It can also be revoked within the lifetime of the owner.

Does India require apostille?

To authenticate a U.S. document for use in India, you must first obtain an apostille from the state that issued your document in the United States.

Can I marry in US on H1B visa?

As an H1B visa holder, your fiancé(e) may be able to use the B2 visa for the purpose of entering the US to marry. … Once the marriage has taken place, your new spouse will be required to leave the US before their visitor visa expires.

How can I legally get married in India?

Documents required for a Court Marriage

  1. Marriage Application form duly signed by both bride and groom.
  2. Receipt of fees paid along with the application form.
  3. Date of birth proof of both bride and groom (Class 10th Certificate/Passport/Birth Certificate)
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