How did the rise of commerce affect the caste system in India?

Explain ONE way in which the rise of commerce impacted the caste system in India. Economic development encouraged commercial relationships between southern merchants and their caste-counterparts to tighten.

How did commerce affect the caste system?

Commerce impacted the caste system by making the caste system more complex than previous years. The caste system helped migrants become integrated into society. … Invaders would pillage in various areas bruning Hindu temples and making of with valuable treasures.

How did the development of the caste system affect society in India quizlet?

In what ways did the caste system affect the people who lived in India? The caste system dictated what job a person could have, who they could marry and who could socialize with each other. It kept groups separate and set rules for everyone’s behavior. … By developing a caste system at which they sat at the top.

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How did Indian agriculture improve in the post Classical era What was the impact of these improvements on the population of the subcontinent explain?

How did Indian agriculture improve in the post classical era? What was the impact of these improvements on the population of the subcontinent? Advanced migration systems helped cultivators gain an increased supply of water which led to agricultural surpluses.

Why was India important in the Indian Ocean trade?

India at the Center

Calicut was by far the most important trading center of India & was the world’s number one source of pepper. India was at the center of the Indian Ocean trade for centuries. … By the end of the 15th century, Gujarat sailors were rivaling the Arabs as dominant traders across the Indian Ocean.

How did the caste system affect the economy of India?

Caste plays a role at every stage of an Indian’s economic life, in school, university, the labor market, and into old age. … The aggregate evidence indicates that there has been convergence in education, occupations, income, and access to public resources across caste groups in the decades after independence.

How did the caste system affect Indian society Brainly?

India’s caste system, which splits up Hindus into different societal groups according to their work and birth, is thought by researchers to go back some 3,000 years. … The system has led to the upper castes being privileged over the lower castes, which were often repressed by those higher up on the caste scale.

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What were the advantages and disadvantages of the caste system how did the caste system reflect Indian society quizlet?

The advantages of the caste system were that everybody had a place in society and knew what job they were to do. The disadvantages were that you were born into rank, there was competition between castes and within castes, and there was a lot of discrimination (“untouchables”).

How did Aryans affect Indian society?

How did the Aryans affect Indian society? The Aryans introduced the caste system that Indian Government that was based off of for centuries. … Hinduism affected Indian society by making it into a caste system where the higher up in society you were born into the closer you were to Heaven.

How did the caste system change ancient India quizlet?

How did the caste system change? As people migrated into the subcontinent, they formed new castes. Other castes grew out of new occupations and religions.

What was a major change in the caste system in post Classical India?

The caste system itself underwent a transformation as guilds became incorporated into its complex structure. Trade also helped to spread the caste system into southern India. The postclassical age brought profound religious change in India.

What role did the Hindu temples of southern India play in economic growth?

What role did the the Hindu temples of southern India play in economic growth? Because of the rhythms of the monsoons, irrigation was essential for the maintenance of a large, densely populated, agricultural society. … Through conquering, commerce with other merchants, devotional cults, temples.

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What happened during the post classical era?

The Post-classical era saw several common developments or themes. There was the expansion and growth of civilization into new geographic areas; the rise and/or spread of the three major world, or missionary, religions; and a period of rapidly expanding trade and trade networks.