How far is egmore from Chennai Central?

Which is the biggest railway station in Chennai?

Chennai Central Railway Station is the most important and largest station in Chennai, as well as being one of the transportation hubs of India. It is a terminal station for long-distance trains, suburban trains, and metro trains.

Which is the main railway station in Chennai?


Chennai Central Railway station is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Station code of Chennai Central is MAS.

How many platforms does Egmore train station have?

The Chennai Egmore MS railway station has 11 platforms and is divided into two zones, where platforms 1 to 6 come under zone 1 and platforms 7 to 11 come under zone 2. The station serves around 1.5 lakh passengers every year. The Chennai Egmore railway station falls under the operation of the South Railway zone.

Is Egmore and Central are same?

Chennai Egmore is located in India at the longitude of 80.26 and latitude of 13.08. Chennai Central is located in India at the longitude of 80.27 and latitude of 13.08 .

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What is the next station after egmore?

Train Stations and Station Code of Tamil Nadu

# Code Station Name
02 MS Chennai Egmore
03 MAS Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. MGR Central
04 KPD Katpadi Junction
05 AJJ Arakkonam Junction

What is the meaning of Egmore?

The name Egmore is derived from the Tamil term Ezhambur meaning ‘seven villages’, obviously alluding to the existence of seven small villages that later merged to form a large settlement. Dr S Suresh. Chennai: Egmore is one of the oldest villages in this region.

Which zone is egmore?


No. Zone Assembly constituency
6 Thiru. Vi. Ka. Nagar Thiru. Vi. Ka. Nagar/Perambur/Kolathur/Egmore
7 Ambattur Ambattur
8 Anna Nagar Anna Nagar/Villivakkam/Egmore
9 Teynampet Thousand Lights/T.Nagar//Chepauk

What is the station code of Egmore?

Chennai Egmore Railway station is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Station code of Chennai Egmore is MS.

Who designed the Egmore railway station?

One of the most endearing structures of Chennai is the Egmore Railway Station. This 112-year-old station was built at a cost of 17 lakhs in 1908. This station was designed by the prolific architect Henry Irwin. This station served as the headquarters of the Southern Indian Railways (“S.I.R.”).

When was Chennai Central station built?

The railway station was built between 1868-72 in central Madras on the edge of George Town. It is a two-storey arcaded Gothic building with a clocktower and was designed by George Hardinge.

How many platforms are there in Chennai Central?

Chennai Central railway station

Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station Chennai Central
Platforms 17
Tracks 17
Connections MTC, Suburban Rail, MRTS, Chennai Metro.
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How many platforms are there in Chennai?

Platforms. Chennai Central has 17 platforms to handle long-distance trains with 5 platforms exclusively for suburban trains.

What is origin railway station?

The world’s first recorded railway station was The Mount on the Oystermouth Railway (later to be known as the Swansea and Mumbles) in Swansea, Wales, which began passenger service in 1807, although the trains were horsedrawn rather than by locomotives.