How many Indian soldiers died in Kashmir?

Indian forces claimed responsibility for 168 militant dead in the last two years in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

How many Indian army killed Kashmiris?

In a landmine explosion and clashes between government security forces and Kashmiri Islamic separatists, at least 21 are killed. This includes 5 civilians shot dead by Indian security forces in retaliation for an armed attack by Kashmiri separatists.

Chronology for Kashmiris in India.

Publisher Minorities at Risk Project
Publication Date 2004

How many soldiers died in Kashmir 2019?

The attack killed 40 Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel as well as the perpetrator—Adil Ahmad Dar—who was a local Kashmiri youth from the Pulwama district.

2019 Pulwama attack
Deaths 40 (+1 suicide bomber)
Injured 35

How many Pakistani soldiers died in 1971 war?

During the war it inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and captured some seventeen thousand of its troops. It suffered 471 killed and 1450 wounded in the war.

Who killed Kashmiri Pandits?

The local organisation of pandits in Kashmir, Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samiti after carrying out a survey in 2008 and 2009, said that 399 Kashmiri Pandits were killed by insurgents from 1990 to 2011 with 75% of them being killed during the first year of the Kashmiri insurgency.

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How many Indian Army are in Kashmir?

Some claim that as many as 600,000 Indian soldiers operate in the entire Kashmir region to suppress the rebellion. Estimates of the number of lives lost since the current troubles began range from 20,000 to 60,000.

Why did US support Pakistan in 1971?

At the onset of hostilities between India and Pakistan which led to the two-week December Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, President Nixon urged Yahya Khan to restrain Pakistani forces, in order to prevent escalation of war, and to safeguard Pakistan’s interests – Nixon feared that an Indian invasion of West Pakistan would …

Which country helped India in 1971 war?

To conduct successful operations against East and West Pakistan, India sorely needed to avoid a two front war situation. Indian troops from the China border were needed in the west on the Pakistan border. It is here that the Soviet Union came to our help.

Why did India help Bangladesh in 1971?

India housed and fed almost 10 million Bangladesh refugees from 1971 to 1973, and India’s citizens paid a special stamp tax for a number of years to cover the expenses. India’s army liberated Bangladesh in December 1971 and forced the surrender of the Pakistani army.