How many states are there in India during 1947?

At the time of the British withdrawal, 565 princely states were officially recognised in the Indian subcontinent, apart from thousands of zamindari estates and jagirs. In 1947, princely states covered 40% of the area of pre-independence India and constituted 23% of its population.

How many states did India have 1947?

29 Indian states. Uttar Pradesh (1947): The state has been a confluence of culture, religions, and art. Initially, the Oudh and Agra regions were united by the British government, calling it the United Provinces.

How many states are there in India in 1945?

He was replaced in June 1948 by Chakravarti Rajagopalachari. At the time of independence, British India consisted of 17 provinces and 562 princely states. The provinces were given to India or Pakistan, in some cases in particular – Punjab and Bengal – after being partitioned.

How many princely states are there in India before 1947?

Before the Partition of India in 1947, about 584 princely states, also called “native states”, existed in India, which were not fully and formally part of British India, the parts of the Indian subcontinent which had not been conquered or annexed by the British but under indirect rule, subject to subsidiary alliances.

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How many types of states were there before 1947?

the 2 types of states in India before 1947 were princely state and province state. provinces were british territories completely under british control. princely states are also called as native states.

Which is the 17th state of India?

Hilly Areas of Punjab were merged with Himachal Pradesh. Haryana becomes the 17th State.

Which is the 26th state of India?

India now has 28 states and 8 UTs

S.NO State Capital
25 Tripura Agartala
26 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
27 Uttarakhand Dehradun
28 West Bengal Kolkata

Which state became a part of India in 1974?

In May it passed the Government of Sikkim Act, which provided for responsible government and furthering relations with India, and on 4 July 1974 the Parliament adopted a new constitution that provided for the country becoming a state of India, which the Chogyal signed under pressure from India.

Which was the first union territory in 1947?

NEW DELHI: For the first time since the categorisation of states ended in 1956 with the States Reorganisation Act, a full-fledged state has become a Union Territory. J&K joined the Indian Union as a state in 1947. Since then, state boundaries in the country have seen major alterations.

What has happened in 1998 in India?

11 May – India conducts 3 underground nuclear tests in Pokhran, including 1 thermonuclear device. … 6 June – The UN Security Council votes unanimously to condemn India and Pakistan for their nuclear weapons tests. 9 June – Over 1,120 people are killed when a cyclone hits coastal areas of the western state of Gujarat.

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Who ruled over princely states before 1947?

India under the British Raj (the “Indian Empire”) consisted of two types of territory: British India and the Native states or Princely states. In its Interpretation Act 1889, the British Parliament adopted the following definitions: (4.)

How did Junagadh joined India?

A plebiscite was held on 20 February 1948, in which all but 91 out of 190,870 who voted (from an electorate of 201,457) voted to join India, i.e. 99.95% of the population voted to join India.