How much cash we can carry in Indian 2018 train?

Residents of India are allowed to carry up to Rs. 25,000 though. There’s no limit, however, to how much foreign currency you can bring into India. Although, you will have to declare it if the amount exceeds US$5,000 in notes and coins, or US$10,000 in notes, coins and traveller’s cheques.

How much cash can be carried in Indian train?

PATNA: Train passengers have been advised to carry proper documents of the cash they are carrying, if the amount is more than Rs 50,000.

How much cash we can carry?

The legal limit to carry cash currency in US Dollars from India to USA is USD 3000 per person per trip. However, you can carry up to US $10,000 in form of currency notes, Travelers check, etc. without declaring it at the customs.

How much money we can take in train?

Things that you can carry in train

Class Free allowance Marginal allowance
AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class 50 Kgs 10 Kgs
AC 3-tier sleeper/AC chair car 40 Kgs 10 Kgs
Sleeper class 40 Kgs 10 Kgs
Second class 35 Kgs 10 Kgs

Can I carry fridge in train?

Answers ( 2 ) Yes, Definitely! All you need to do is visit the luggage office in your nearest railway station and fill some formalities. This would include declaring the value of the refrigerator, air conditioner and all the other items that you want to transport.

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How much cash can you legally keep at home India?

Limit Cash at Home to 15 lakhs, Says Supreme Court Panel on Black Money. New Delhi: Indians should be banned from keeping more than ₹ 15 lakhs in cash at home, suggested a team of experts assigned by the Supreme Court to fight and recover black money today.

How much cash should I keep at home in India?

There is no limit on amount of cash that can be kept at home: Govt.

Can I carry desktop in train?

Sub: Permission for booking and carriage of Personal Computer inside the compartment. … It has been decided that a passenger may book and carry a Personal Computer ( Desk top/Table top computer ) with peripherals along with him inside the compartment subject to following terms and conditions:- 1. .

Can we carry luggage in train?

Each passenger is allowed a free allowance up to which he can carry luggage with him in the compartment, free of cost. The free allowance varies for different classes of travel. Children aged 5 and below 12 years are allowed half of the free allowance subject to the maximum of 50 Kgs.

Can I carry Whisky in train?

A person can carry alcohol on a train but the person is not allowed to drink or show openly. If a person is carrying alcohol on a train then the quantity of the alcohol should not exceed the limit which is two litres, and the bottle of alcohol should be completely sealed and should be covered.