How much it cost to renew Indian passport in Australia?

How much does it cost to renew Indian passport in Australia?

a 10-year validity passport for people aged 16 and over will cost $301. a 5-year validity passport for people aged under 16 or 75 and over will cost $152. emergency and replacement passports will cost $189. the priority processing fee will be $220.

How much does passport renewal cost Australia?

Passport fees

10 – year validity passport (for persons aged 16 and over) $301
5 – year validity passport (for children under 16) $152
5 – year validity passport (optional for persons 75 and over) $152
Replacement passport $189

How do I renew my Indian passport in Australia?


  1. The Indian government makes it easy for non-resident Indians to easily renew their passports while residing in other countries. …
  2. fill online application form. …
  3. provide two recent photographs. …
  4. fill personal particular form. …
  5. additional documents.
  6. VFS Office location.

How long does Indian passport renewal take in Australia?

The general processing time for re-issuance of passport is 6 to 8 weeks. However, in case of re-issue of passport in lieu of passport issued by other passport issuing authority (PIA), the processing time may take longer than six to eight weeks.

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How much does a renewal passport cost?


Services U.S. Dollars
Passport – Form DS-82 – Adult renewal 110
Passport – Form DS-11 – First adult passport (16 years and older) or replacement for lost/stolen/mutilated passport 145
Passport – Form DS-11 – Children under 16 years 115
Passport Card for Adult 30

How much is the renewal of international passport?

Categories of the Enhanced E-Passport

DOLLAR ($) (foreign)
1. 32 Page 5-year Standard Passport 130.00
2. 64 Page 5-year Standard Passport 150.00
3. 64 Page 10-year Standard Passport for adults only (18 years and above) 230.00

When should I renew my passport Australia?

While you can renew your passport at any time, doing it too early will mean you pay before you really need to. To keep your travel options active, you should aim to complete passport renewal applications at 9-12 months before it’s due to expire as some countries require at least six months of validity.