Is India the best cricket team in the world?

Who is number 1 cricket team in the world?


Rank Team Points
1 New Zealand 2764
2 India 2987
3 Australia 1844
4 England 3753

What country has the best cricket team?


1 Australia 6570
2 New Zealand 6474
3 India 6871
4 South Africa 6921

Who is the No 1 cricketer in India?

ICC Player Rankings for ODI Batsmen

Rank Player Career Best Rating
1 Babar Azam Pakistan 873 v England, 13/07/2021
2 Virat Kohli India 911 v England, 12/07/2018
3 Rohit Sharma India 885 v Sri Lanka, 06/07/2019
4 Ross Taylor New Zealand 841 v Bangladesh, 05/06/2019

Who is 1st rank in T20?

As per the latest ICC rankings for T20 bowler updated on 17 Nov 2021, Sri Lanka Wanindu Hasaranga with 797 ratings is placed on the top of the table.

Is Pakistan a strong cricket team?

Pakistan has the distinct achievement of having won each of the major ICC international cricket tournaments: ICC Cricket World Cup (1992), ICC T20 World Cup (2009), and ICC Champions Trophy (2017); as well as becoming the fourth team to lift the mace of the ICC Test Championship in 2016.

Does Korea play cricket?

The South Korea national cricket team is the team that represents the Republic of Korea (also known as South Korea) in international cricket. It is governed by the Korea Cricket Association, which became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2001 and an associate member in June 2017.

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Which is best country?

Overall, among the top 10 best countries in the world for the best quality of life, the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions are held by France, Germany, and Japan.

The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, 2021.

Rank Country Score
1 Finland 99.06
2 Denmark 98.13
3 Norway 96.75
4 Belgium 96.53

Who is the world’s best all rounder?

ICC Player Rankings for ODI All-rounders

Rank Player Career Best Rating
1 Shakib Al Hasan Bangladesh 453 v Zimbabwe, 05/11/2009
2 Mohammad Nabi Afghanistan 349 v Zimbabwe, 26/02/2017
3 Chris Woakes England 312 v New Zealand, 10/03/2018
4 Rashid Khan Afghanistan 359 v Pakistan, 21/09/2018

Who is India’s most famous cricketer?

List Of Most Popular Cricketer In India

SN Cricketer Total Votes
1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 744
2. Virat Kohli 727
3. Rohit Sharma 216
4. Sachin Tendulkar 55