Is Telegram app banned in India?

Originally Answered: Is Telegram banned in India? Telegram is not banned in India. Moreover, Telegram got more mind blowing features which are: Private Messaging: Private Messaging enables two users to message each other which doesn’t save any data on their Server.

Is Telegram app legal in India?

Telegram is not banned in India, but it is illegal. … Telegram is an online messaging application used by people for privacy, sharing capabilities, and cloud-based encrypted storage. Telegram can create large groups with bot services for easy management and large channels that can be used by subscribers to get updates.

Is using Telegram illegal?

But there are hundreds of thousands of users in India who think of Telegram. It is not legal. Though that is no bar for many who use the chat app and its feature called Channels to access latest movies and shows.

Which country banned Telegram?

Telegram was banned by the Russian authorities in 2018 for two years, after which the ban was lifted in 2020. The Russian authorities wanted access to the encrypted messages of Telegram, failing which the app would face a ban in the country.

Is Telegram safe in India?

Telegram does offer a level of security and protection to its users. … Normal and group chats in Telegram rely on a standard encrypted cloud storage system based on server-client encryption – called MTProto encryption.

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Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

In addition, a Telegram group chat can have up to 200,000 members but a WhatsApp group chat can only have 256 members. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for all chats: this is a feature that gives it a stronger sense of safety than Telegram.

What country uses Telegram the most?

Today, it reportedly has more than 550 million monthly active users. Ranked by the number of downloads, Telegram is among the top 10 most popular social networks in the world.

Telegram popularity in select countries.

Country Rank in country among social networking apps
India 2
Malaysia 1
Netherlands 2
Russia 1

Does Telegram have virus?

The malware itself is not spread by Telegram messages—which its why, as Check Point says, it doesn’t matter whether you have it installed or not. … “Telegram is a legitimate, easy-to-use and stable service that isn’t blocked by enterprise anti-virus engines, nor by network management tools,” Check Point says.

Is Telegram safe to download?

Is Telegram safe to download? … “While Telegram is a secure way of communicating with friends and family, when downloading the platform, data such as a consumers IP address, device details, history of a username changes and more are all stored on Telegram’s data cloud for 12 months”.

Is Telegram ban in Pakistan?

In October 2017, Telegram was inaccessible to users in Pakistan, and as of 18 November 2017, it has been completely blocked on PTCL Network as per instructions from PTA, Pakistan’s largest ISP, PTCL mentioned this in a tweet to a user.

What is difference between WhatsApp and Telegram?

There is no significant difference. Users can send any kind of file through Telegram. WhatsApp limits video, images & document type files which is very difficult for a good number of users. Users on telegram can log in on multiple devices at the same time and able to receive messages on all devices.

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Which company owns Telegram app?

REAL TIME NET WORTH. Pavel Durov is the founder and owner of messaging app Telegram, which has more than 500 million users worldwide. Durov has made Telegram free to use; it competes with messaging apps like WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.