Question: How many clubs are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore has an active night culture and is home to over 800 clubs and bars. The city is also referred to by many as the “Pub Capital of India”.

How many bars are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore, Dec 7 (PTI) There are a total of 1330 bars and 837 liquor shops in Bangalore Urban district.

Does Bangalore have nightlife?

Best Places to Experience the Nightlife in Bangalore. Well, it’s no surprise that Bangalore has a throbbing nightlife. Popular as one of the most vibrant metropolitans in the country, the Garden City caters to its partying crowd with an enviable range of pubs, bars, lounges, and nightclubs.

How much is clubbing in Bangalore?

Address: The Leela Palace, HAL Road, Bangalore. Cost For Two: 1500/- Inr Approx.

Where do celebrities party in Bangalore?

15 best places to party in Bangalore with friends are:

  • Cloudnyn, The Sterlings Mac Hotel.
  • Skyee, UB City.
  • LOft38, Indiranagar.
  • High Ultra Lounge, Malleswaram.
  • No Limits Lounge and Club, Brigade Road.
  • Prost, Koramangala.
  • Pebble The Jungle Lounge, Palace Grounds.
  • The 13th Floor, MG Road.

Which area in Bangalore has more pubs?

At 158, Bengaluru East division accounts for the highest number of pubs in the city, followed by 142 in Bengaluru South, and 53 each in west and north divisions.

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How much is a pub in Bangalore?

Bangalore is home to some 1,000-plus bars and pubs.

Which city has best nightlife in India?

The 10 Best Cities in India for Nightlife

  • Goa. Up first on our chart is Goa. …
  • Mumbai. ‘The City of Dreams’ or ‘The Maximum City’, Mumbai has always gone by many names. …
  • Delhi. …
  • Bengaluru (Bangalore) …
  • Pune. …
  • Hyderabad. …
  • Chandigarh. …
  • Jaipur.

Which city has more pubs in Asia?

Bangalore – Fantastic Facts. Bangalore has highest number of Pubs in Asia.

Where should I stay in Bangalore?

Top 10 Best Places to Stay in Bangalore for Tourists

  • Koramangala. Located in south-east Bangalore, Koramangala is a quite a popular haunt among college students and young working professionals. …
  • Indiranagar. …
  • M.G. …
  • Ulsoor. …
  • Malleswaram. …
  • HSR Layout. …
  • Kammanahalli. …
  • Rajajinagar.

What is there in pub?

A pub is a bar or tavern that serves food and often acts as a community gathering place. People visit pubs to eat lunch, to drink beer, or to play darts with their friends. Pub is a shortened form of public house that dates from 1859.