Question: Which of the following emperor planted hundred of trees in the Delhi Ridge forest?

Which of the following emperor planted hundreds of trees in the Delhi Ridge forest?

Some of the ridge’s bounty was actually manmade — in the fourteenth century, emperor Feroze Tughlaq encouraged the planting of trees here so that he could go hunting in these ‘artificial’ forests. But over the years, much of the ridge has disappeared under the brick and mortar that now define most Indian cities.

How many ridges are there in Delhi?

The Ridge comprises four parts—Northern Ridge, Central Ridge, South Central Ridge and Southern Ridge. The Northern Ridge is the hilly area near Delhi University while the Central Ridge stretches from south of Sadar Bazaar to Dhaula Kuan.

Where is Delhi Ridge?

Delhi Ridge, sometimes simply called The Ridge, is a ridge in the Northern Aravalli leopard wildlife corridor in the National Capital Territory of Delhi in India. It is a northern extension of the ancient Aravalli Range, some 1.5 billion years old (by comparison, the Himalayas are “only” 50 million years old).

How was Delhi ridge formed?

The Delhi Ridge is made of quartzite rocks and stretches over a distance of 35 km right from Bhatti Mines towards the Southeast of the 700 years old Tughlaqabad and branching into different directions that finally tapers towards the northern end near Wazirabad which lies on the western banks of Yamuna River.

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What is Delhi Ridge Upsc?

The Delhi Ridge is the northern extension of the Aravalli Range covering a distance of about 35km. The Delhi Ridge acts as the green lungs of the capital and, through various government orders over the years, all construction has been banned in the Ridge in an effort to preserve it.

Why Delhi Ridge called green lungs of Delhi?

It is also called the green lungs of the city since it lowers the effects of pollution & provides a natural green belt to the city.

What is ridge in geography?

A ridge or a mountain ridge is a geographical feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance. The sides of the ridge slope away from narrow top on either side. … Ridges are usually termed hills or mountains as well, depending on size.

Who made Chor Minar?

The Chor Minar built by Allauddin Khilji is located around Hauz Khas area.It stands on a raised terrace with arched recesses on all sides & its outer walls were pierced with 225 holes which at various times, was used as a public display of the heads of thieves,criminals,prisoners of war for instilling fear among the …

Who is the architect of Buddha Jayanti Garden?

Shivram Murthy, the first director of the National Museum, told him that in his last sermon, the Buddha had preached, “Anything that you do has to respond to nature.” Rana bore this in mind when he designed the Buddha Jayanti Park in the southern part of the Delhi Ridge.

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Which mountain range is located in the south west of Delhi?

Answer: Aravalli Range is located in the south west of Delhi.

When did Delhi become the capital of British India?

In December 1911 King George V of Britain decreed that the capital of British India would be moved from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi. Construction began in 1912 at a site about 3 miles (5 km) south of the Delhi city centre, and the new capital was formally dedicated in 1931.