What are the 12 schedules in India?

What are the 12 schedules of the Indian Constitution?

There are 12 Schedules in the Constitution of India.

Schedules of Indian Constitution & Articles.

Schedules of Indian Constitution Articles of Indian Constitution
Fifth Schedule Article 244
Sixth Schedule Article 244 and Article 275
Seventh Schedule Article 246
Eighth Schedule Article 344 and Article 351

How many subjects are there in 12 schedule?

This schedule contains 29 subjects. Twelfth Schedule was added by the 74th Amendment Act of 1992. The reasons for adding the schedules are: 1.

How many Schedules are there in India?

The post gives a brief idea about all the 12 Schedules of Indian Constitution.

How many subjects are there in 12th Schedule of Indian Constitution?

This schedule has 18 items. Twelfth Schedule was added by the 74th Amendment Act of 1992.In this article we are publishing the items within the purview of the Municipalities.

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What are the 12 schedules?

12 Schedules of Indian Constitution PDF:

Schedule Articles Covered
Third Schedule 75, 84, 99, 124, 146, 173, 188 & 219
Fourth Schedule 4 & 80
Fifth Schedule 244
Sixth Schedule 244 & 275

What is a schedule?

A schedule is a plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done. He has been forced to adjust his schedule. Synonyms: plan, programme, agenda, calendar More Synonyms of schedule. uncountable noun.

What are the items included in Schedule 11 and 12?

Hemant Singh

  • Agriculture including agricultural expansion.
  • Land improvement, implementation of land reforms, land consolidation and soil conservation.
  • Animal Husbandry, Dairying and poultry.
  • Fisheries Industry.
  • Minor irrigation, water management and watershed development.
  • Social forestry and farm forestry.

What is schedules in Indian Constitution?

Schedules. Schedules are lists in the constitution which categorise and tabulate bureaucratic activity and government policy. Lists India’s states and territories, changes in their borders and the laws used to make that change. Lists the salaries of public officials, judges, and the comptroller and auditor general.

What is the Article 78?

Article 78 of the Constitution deals with the duties of the Prime Minister with respect to the furnishing of information to the President.

What is the meaning of Sixth Schedule?

The Sixth Schedule of the Constitution provides for the administration of tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram to safeguard the rights of the tribal population in these states. This special provision is provided under Article 244(2) and Article 275(1) of the Constitution.

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What is the difference between schedule and article?

A schedule is an annexure or appendix that reveals details or list that is added to the main text.It provides additional knowledge about the points in an articles.

What are the 7 fundamental rights of India?

Seven fundamental rights were originally provided by the Constitution – the right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, right to property and right to constitutional remedies.

What is Article 243 A?

Central Government Act. Article 243A in The Constitution Of India 1949. 243A. Gram Sabha A Gram Sabha may exercise such powers and perform such functions at the village level as the Legislature of a State may by law, provide.

How many subjects are there in schedule?

The 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution has 61 subjects.

How many subjects are there in Panchayati Raj?

The eleventh scheduled of the constitution created by the 73rd Amendment contains 29 subjects on which the Panchayats shall have administrative Control, Articles 243H empowers State Legislature to make by law provision for imposing taxes etc.