What are the names of forest in India?

How many forest in India name them?

There are broadly five categories of forests in India. They are named as Tropical evergreen forests, Tropical deciduous forests, Tropical thorn forests, Montane forests, and Swamp forests.

What are forest names?

Mega list of over 150+ forest names to use in your stories:

  • ColdWolf Woodland.
  • MossyThorn Wilderness.
  • WestGrass Wilderness.
  • DeepOwl Woods.
  • DarkLizard Thicket.
  • DarkFlower Grove.
  • DarkPond Woodland.
  • GrimRock Woods.

What are the 5 types of forests in India?

These forests can be classified in five major groups namely:

  • Moist tropical forest.
  • Dry tropical forest.
  • Montane temperate forest.
  • Montane sub tropical forest.
  • Alpine forest.

Which is the famous forest in India?

List of forests in India

Name Location Area
Gir National Park Talala taluk, Gir Somnath district, Gujarat 1412 km²
Jakanari reserve forest Coimbatore
Jim Corbett National Park Nainital district and Pauri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand 520.8 km²
Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh 650 km²

What are the 4 types of forests?

There are four different types of forests found around the world: tropical forests, temperate forests and boreal forests.

  • Tropical Forests: …
  • Temperate Forests: …
  • Boreal Forests: …
  • Plantation Forests:
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What are the best forest names?

Get closer to nature with our round up of the most beautiful forests in the world.

  • 1) Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica. …
  • 2) Daintree Rainforest, Australia. …
  • 3) Amazon Rainforest, Latin America. …
  • 4) Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. …
  • 5) Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan. …
  • 6) Trossachs National Park, Scotland.

Which is the best forest in India?

India’s best forest vacations

  • Kaziranga National Park, Assam. …
  • Mawphlang Sacred Grove, Shillong. …
  • Sunderbans, West Bengal. …
  • Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim. …
  • Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand. …
  • Wayanad, Kerala. …
  • Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan. …
  • Mizoram.

Do forests have names?

It turns out that forest names — at least in the real world — are pretty boring. When I investigate forests, I find that almost all forests in the real world are called “forest” or “woods.” Browsing the historical thesaurus turns up a few other synonyms, but in English “forest” is used far more than any other term.

What are the 3 types of forests?

The word forest broadly describes an area that has a large number of trees. There are three general types of forest that exist: temperate, tropical, and boreal. Experts estimate that these forests cover approximately one-third of Earth’s surface. Temperate forests are found across eastern North America and Eurasia.

What are the six types of forests in India?

Different Types of Forest in India. There are various types of forest in India namely coniferous forest, broadleaved forest, evergreen forest, wet evergreen forest, deciduous forest, and mangrove forest. Almost 24.56% of the geographical area of the country is under forest cover.

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What are the types of forest Class 8?

Forest Biome

  • Coniferous Forest. As the name suggests, the trees found in these forests mainly consists of cone-bearing trees like the spruce, pine, fir, and hemlock. …
  • Deciduous Forest. …
  • Mixed Forests. …
  • Mediterranean Forests. …
  • Tropical Rainforest.