What can 3000 rupees buy?

What can I do with 4000 rupees?

9 online jobs that offer up to Rs 4,000 per hour

  • 1/10. Good earning potential. …
  • 2/10. Virtual assistantship. …
  • 3/10. Translator. …
  • 4/10. Blogging. …
  • 5/10. Selling your products online. …
  • 6/10. Making youtube videos. …
  • 7/10. Web development. …
  • 8/10. Content writing.

What can I do with 1000 rupees?

With thousand rupees you can buy a board and start tutoring the students. Healthy food metrial like nuts,fruit also available taste your self. gift your parents father’s/Mother’s day you can gift something to your Lovable one. You can also help other people giving one thousand rupees for education purpose.

What can a rupee buy in India?

20 Things You Can Still Buy In India For 1 Rupee

  • Candies and Toffees. Dairy milk eclairs, mango bite, coffee bite… the list is huge.
  • Machine ka Thanda Paani. …
  • Two Single Postcards. …
  • Matchbox. …
  • Plastic cup/glass. …
  • Mouth-fresheners like Chutki and Pass-Pass. …
  • Chewing gum. …
  • Shampoo sachet.

How can I make 10k in a week?

Fast Ways to Make 10k in a Week

  1. Sell your car. Selling your car could be a quick way to make $10000 when you need money fast if: …
  2. Sell everything else. Selling things you don’t need is another quick way to make 10k in a week. …
  3. Flip other people’s stuff. Don’t have anything you can sell to make $10000 quickly? …
  4. Trade stocks.
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How can I make 5000 a month?

The Atal Pension Yojana scheme was launched in 2015 for the benefit of employees in the unorganized sector who do not get a pension after their retirement. Anyone in the age group of 18-40 years are eligible to apply for this scheme and get a monthly pension up to Rs 5000.

Can we invest 10 Rs in share?

Stocks Under Rs 10 that Pay Best Dividend. Share Price Less than Rs 10 with Good EPS.

Stocks Under Rs 10 – Highest Net Profit Margin.

Stock Name Price (₹) Net Profit Margin %
Haria Exports Ltd 5.42 89.17
Sel Manufacturing Company Ltd 1.35 85.04
Integrated Capital Services Ltd 3.32 84.87
Ashirwad Capital Ltd 5.34 81.43

Is 1000 enough to buy stocks?

$1,000 is enough to make a single stock purchase through an online brokerage reasonable. You do lose some money in the transaction itself, but the right stock can return many times the transaction costs.

What can u get for 500 rupees?

7 Cool Gadgets To Buy Under Rs 500

  • Minion USB Flash Drive.
  • Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphones.
  • All in One Card Reader.
  • Portable RuffPad E-Writer.
  • 5 In 1 Multipurpose Antenna Pen With Torch.
  • Multipurpose Laser Light.

Is $100 a lot of money in India?

In India, $100 can buy 13 nights in good hotels, 30 days in a nice hostel, 4 nice dinners for two, 30 local dinners, domestic flights around India, or a high-quality sari. $100 is ~7,000 Indian Rupees, although this fluctuates.

Is it cheap to live in India?

India is quite cheap as compared to many other countries. Cost of living depends on what you do and where you live in the India. Basic need living costs such as food, water and shelter costs you around 15000 to 20000 INR. … The room rent in the best areas varies from INR 7000 to 15000 per month.

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What is money called in India?

Indian rupee
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