What important change did Lord Macaulay bring in the education in India?

What did Macaulay emphasize about education in India?

Macaulay emphasized the need to teach the English language. He thought the knowledge of English would allow the Indians to read some of the finest literatures of the world. He argued that teaching of English would help in civilizing people, in changing their tastes, values and culture.

Who was Lord Macaulay Why did he recommend the system of British education in India?

Macaulay recommended 1. English shoud be the medium of instruction in schools 2. Indians should be taught sciences and western literature. He had a very poor opinion of traditional Indian learning which he thought was inferior to European learning.

How did Macaulay destroyed Indian education system?

Macaulay to decide how to divert the money, what should be the medium of instruction and the mode of educating the Indian. He made English the medium of instruction and diverted the money for English education.

How did the British change the Indian education system?

The British brought a rather modern and logic based education system that led to the evolution in the thinking of the people and helped ban a lot of social evils in India. This paper deals with the change in the education system and how it was not as bad at it was thought to be by many Indian leaders.

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Why was Macaulay in Favour of English education?

Referring to the question of alleged prejudices of the Indian people against English education, Macaulay argued that “it was the duty of England to teach Indians what was good for their health, and not what was palatable to their taste”. Hence Macaulay pleaded strongly in favour of English as the medium of instruction.

What were the main objectives of Lord Macaulay?

To form a section of interpreters between the millions of Indians and the British rulers. To form a class of persons which would have both Indian blood and colour but possess British opinion, taste, morals and intellect.

What were the main features of Lord Macaulay’s recommendations?


  • English should be used as the medium of instruction in schools of India .
  • Science and Western literature should be taught in Indian schools to Indians.
  • Primary education was must for the people for better understanding .

What is Macaulay education system?

Macaulay spent the next four years in India, where he devoted his efforts to reforming the Indian criminal code, putting the British and natives on an equal legal footing, and to establishing an educational system based upon the British model, which involved introducing Indians to European ideas from the Renaissance, …

How was the British system of education different from the earlier system of education?

The British Education was different from traditional Indian Education in following ways: The medium of instruction which was vernacular languages in traditional system was changed to English. … Modern British education was less religious as compared to the traditional Indian education system.

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Why did Lord Macaulay suggest to teach English language to Indians answer?

Macaulay suggested Indians to teach English so that Indians can read the rich text that the world had produced because all rich text of the world are written in English. And he also feels that the knowledge of east was full of errors.