What is a person from Mumbai called?

Notable residents of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in India. They are often called Mumbaikars, Mumbians, or Bombayites.

What do Mumbai people call themselves?


Mumbai Bombay
Demonym(s) Mumbaikar, Bombayite, Mumbaiite
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PINs 400 001 to 400 107
Area code(s) +91-22

Who are the people in Mumbai?

Mumbai Population Data (Urban Area)

Religion Persons Percentage
Hindu 8,210,894 65.99%
Muslims 2,568,964 20.65%
Buddhist 603,825 4.85%
Jain 509,639 4.10%

Do locals call Mumbai or Bombay?

That name is believed to be an Anglicized version of the city’s name from when it was occupied by the Portuguese — “Bom Bahia,” which means “good bay.” Both Bombay and Mumbai are now used interchangeably by locals during casual conversation.

What is Mumbai famously called?

As the city that never sleeps and famous for its high-end malls and lucrative streets. Mumbai City also known as Bombay, offers unique experiences, from the beautiful promenades to the cosmopolitan culture. Known as the city of dreams (Mayanagri), it is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

What do you call people from India?

Indians are the nationals and citizens of India, the second most populous nation in the world, containing 17.50% of the world’s population.

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What was Bombay called before the British?

The Portuguese gave the islands various names but they eventually came to be known as Bombaim (or good bay). In 1661, Bombay was made over to the British as part of Catherine of Braganza’s dowry when she married Charles II of England.

Who is born in Mumbai?

Famous People Born In Mumbai

  • 1 Sachin Tendulkar. 9714. Listed In: Sportspersons. …
  • 2 Aamir Khan. 3629. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. …
  • 3 Hrithik Roshan. 3610. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities. …
  • 4 Sanjay Dutt. 1210. …
  • 5 Ranbir Kapoor. 3027. …
  • 6 Madhuri Dixit. 217. …
  • 7 Varun Dhawan. 3011. …
  • 8 Shraddha Kapoor. 73.

Is Mumbai bigger than Delhi?

Mumbai is the largest city; Delhi NCR largest urban agglomeration. As per the preliminary results of the Census 2011, released by the Registrar General of India, Greater Mumbai with a population of 18,414,288 continues to be India’s biggest city, followed by Delhi—16,314,838 and Kolkata—14,112,536.

What is Mumbai population 2021?

The current metro area population of Mumbai in 2021 is 20,668,000, a 1.26% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Mumbai in 2020 was 20,411,000, a 1.12% increase from 2019.

What is Calcutta called now?

In 2001 the government of West Bengal decided to officially change its capital city’s name to Kolkata to reflect its original Bengali pronunciation.

Is Mumbai Bombay or Reddit?

If you’re talking in Hindi, it was Bambai before it became Mumbai. If you’re talking in English, it was Bombay, and now it’s Mumbai.

What is the old name of Delhi?

The old name of Delhi is Indraparastha according to Mahabharata era. Pandavas used to live in indraprasta. In due course eight more cities came alive adjacent to Indraprastha: Lal Kot, Siri, Dinpanah, Quila Rai Pithora, Ferozabad, Jahanpanah, Tughlakabad and Shahjahanabad.

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