What is the meaning of rice bowl of India?

– Option B: Krishna-Godavari Delta region is known as the Rice Bowl of India as it produces the highest quantity of rice in the country. The main delta of the Krishna and Godavari rivers lies in Andhra Pradesh where the production is maximum and this state is also known as the Rice Bowl state of India.

Is Punjab known as rice bowl of India?

Punjab and Haryana, which are known to be the rice bowl of the nation, are getting tough competition from the southern state of Telangana that has produced a record paddy, touching 225 lakh tonnes as the acreage increased by 123 per cent.

Which place is called rice bowl of South India?

Andhra Pradesh: Rice Bowl of South.

Which country is known as bowl of rice?

Thailand and Vietnam are known as the world’s rice bowl, accounting for 48 per cent of global exports. Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, has the earliest evidence of growing rice. It has the highest percentage of arable land, among which 55% of the arable land area is used for rice production.

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Which state is called grain bowl of India?

Step by step Answer Punjab is known as the wheat granary of India.

Is Chhattisgarh rice bowl of India?

The State of Chhattisgarh is known as the rice bowl of India and has a rich tradition of food culture.

Is West Bengal is rice bowl of India?

With 2.5 crore metric tonnes of paddy a year, and almost every family engaged in farming, East Burdwan district is the rice bowl of West Bengal.

Which plain is called the rice bowl of India?

The Krishna-Godavari delta region is historically called the Rice Bowl of India, yet the same term is also used for Chhattisgarh. In Andhra Pradesh the East Godavari district is known as the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh.

Which Indian state has largest rice?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 West Bengal 15,881.44
2 Uttar Pradesh 15,517.80
3 Punjab 11,779.28

Which is the rice bowl of Asia?

Thailand: The Rice Bowl of Asia.

Which is called the rice bowl of Asia?

The countries which are called the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Asia are Myanmar, Thailand, Kampuchea and Vietnam. The Mekong region is Asia’s rice bowl: in 2014 lower Mekong countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam) produced more than 100m tonnes of rice, around 15% of the world’s total.

Which state in India consumes rice?

Rice Production by State

States Rank (2014–15) Average Production (2010-11 to 2014-15)
West Bengal 1 14.54
Uttar Pradesh 2 13.45
Punjab 3 11.03
Odisha 4 7.17

Why is Punjab called Indian bowl?

Answer: Punjab is one of the smallest states of India but is biggest contributor of food grain. It contribute more than 20% of foodgrain produced in India, that’s why it is called the “wheat bowl” of India.

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Why is Andhra Pradesh called the rice bowl of India?

Andhra Pradesh is also called “the Rice Bowl” of India. It is like a platter full of different cultures and traditions. Many different dynasties and empires, that once ruled Andhra Pradesh have left a lot of impact on the traditions and culture which are followed by the people of Andhra Pradesh in present times.

Which city is known as wheat bowl of India?

NEW DELHI: Punjab continues to be the wheat bowl of India. The state has once again topped the list of procurement of foodgrain contributing half of the total wheat procured in the country.