What is the Railway code of Bangalore?

What is the railway code for Bangalore?

KSR BENGALURU (SBC) Railway Station

Ksr Bengaluru Railway station is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Station code of Ksr Bengaluru is SBC.

What is the train code?

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Trains passing through
ABZ Adgaon Buzurg
ADTL Adhartal 1
ADQ Adhikari
ADST Adi Saptagram

Why is Bangalore called SBC?

Prior to Majestic railway station, all the trains were terminating at Bangalore Cantt. As the railways needed to operate more trains with better facilities, tracks were extended upto Majestic and the station was called as South Bangalore City. Hence the name SBC.

Which railway zone is Bangalore?

Bengaluru railway division is one of the three railway divisions under South Western Railway zone of Indian Railways.

How many stations are there in Bangalore?

There are 404 railway stations in Karnataka. The 5 main Karnataka railway stations are Bangalore City Junction, Yesvantpur Junction, Mandya, Bangalore Cantonment, Mangalore Junction.

Train Stations and Station Code of Karnataka.

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# 01
Code SBC
Station Name KSR Bengaluru City Junction
Place Bangalore

How can I go to Bangalore by train?

By Train. Bangalore has two important railway stations – Bengaluru City Railway Station and Yeswantpur Junction. Both railway stations have regular trains running from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other major cities.

Do railway stations have a code?

In Indian Railways Language each station is denoted by some specific station code. By this station code number it is easy for everyone to know the name of the station or the place in short form.

What station code is?

BAREILLY (BE) Railway Station

Bareilly Railway station is situated in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Station code of Bareilly is BE.

What is the name of Karnataka railway station?

List of Railway Stations in Karnataka with station codes

Station Name Station Code Station code Station Code
Bangalore City Junction SBC MQR
Bangalore East BNCE MWM
Bangarapet BWT MLO
Bangarapet BWY MYA

Why is Karnataka called land of gold?

Karnataka stands in the first place of the production of gold. It produces 80% of the total gold in India. There are many mines in the Kolar Gold Field some of which are Nandidurg, Urigaum, Champion Reef and Mysore mines. … For these rich deposits of gold, Karnataka is also known as the ‘Land of Gold’.

Who built Bangalore railway station?

Visvesvaraya Terminal Railway Station: India’s first centralised AC terminal ready! Indian Railways is all set to open the country’s first-ever centralised air-conditioned terminal in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The railway station has been named after Bharat Ratna Indian civil engineer, Sir M Visvesvaraya.

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How many airports are there in Bangalore?

Hi, There is only one Civilan airport in Bangalore. That is Kempegowda International Airport. The same airport operates as Domestic Airport as well.

How many divisions are there in RRB Bangalore?

Bangalore Railway Division

2013 consisting of 3 Divisions i.e. Bangalore, Mysore & Hubli Divisions, the new construction organization came into existence under the Chief Administrative Officer/ Construction with Headquarters at Bangalore Cantonment.

How many divisions are there in Karnataka Railway?

It has been operational from 1st April 2003 having the headquarters at Hubli in the state of Karnataka. The Railway comprises of 03 divisions, viz. Hubli, Bangalore & Mysore and primarily caters to Karnataka state with 84% of its jurisdiction located there.

How many railway zones are there in Karnataka?

The South Western Railway (SWR) is one of the 18 railway zones in India, headquartered at Hubballi in Karnataka State. SWR was created from carving out the routes from Southern Railways and South Central Railways in 2003.

South Western Railway zone.

Locale Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, and Tamil Nadu
Dates of operation 2003–