What we Cannot carry in Delhi Metro?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) advises all its passengers/general public to not carry any type of fire-crackers, toy-guns etc. while travelling by the Metro.

What things are not allowed in metro?

The commuters are prohibited from carrying 20 items while traveling in the metro train.

  • Explosive substances, which possess risk of explosion, …
  • Gases, compressed, liquefied, or dissolved under pressure.
  • Petroleum and other inflammable liquids.
  • Inflammable solids.
  • Oxidising substances.
  • Poisonous (toxic) substances.

Can we carry bag in Delhi metro?

Do limit your baggage to 15 Kgs, not exceeding 60 cm (Length) X 45 cm (Breadth) X 25 cm ( Height) in size. Do use the dustbins. Do stand on the left side of the escalators and while moving keep to the right. Do move away from escalators immediately after use.

Can we carry cigarettes and lighter in Delhi metro?

The Delhi government has issued a strict compliance notice to the DMRC, asking it to prohibit passengers from carrying matchboxes and lighters in metro trains and on station premises as it “promotes smoking”. … A commuter is now allowed to carry one matchbox and one lighter in metro trains and on station premises.

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Is Toy Gun allowed in Delhi metro?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) advises all its passengers/general public to not carry any type of fire-crackers, toy-guns etc.

Can we take luggage in metro?

For dedicated metro trains for airports, the ministry has also allowed one bag weighing up to 32 kilograms. … Baggage in form of bundles will also not be allowed on airport metro trains.

Is camera allowed in Delhi Metro?

Photography/ video recording is permitted in Metro premises, including metro trains, for bonafide passengers in public areas for personal use & strictly phohibited for commercial use or publication. The act of photography shouldn’t infringe privacy of copassengers at any time.

Can we take food in metro?

“There will be officials at stations and trains keeping an eye on commuters; they can carry food, but they will not be allowed to eat. Also, there won’t be any food court or food kiosk at the stations,” an official said. Delhi Metro Rail too follows this rule and does not permit commuters to consume food at stations.

Is non veg allowed in Delhi Metro?

It said DMRC does not restrict the carriage of non-vegetarian food items, eatables in Delhi Metro, whether raw or cooked if they are packed properly. And it further said that there was no specific list of food items allowed inside Delhi Metro.

Can we take tobacco in metro?

The list of prohibited items includes inflammables, knives, scissors, arms and ammunition, manure, rags, pets, et al. The BMRCL allows the carrying of cigarettes and alcohol on trains; however, smoking and consuming alcohol on board and at stations is strictly prohibited.

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Can you carry handgun airplane?

In any case Passenger cannot carry a firearm and /or ammunition on your person or in your Cabin baggage. … Passenger can carry one licensed revolver or pistol or shotgun and fifty (50) cartridges in registered baggage after taking the following steps.