Which countries import cotton yarn from India?

Countries such as Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Vietnam and Indonesia are scaling up their cotton imports from India to meet the requirements of their export-focused garment industries.

Which country is the major importer of cotton yarn from India?

In 2019, China imported approximately 7.2 billion U.S. dollars worth of textile yarn from the rest of the world.

Leading importing countries of textile yarn worldwide in 2019 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Trade value in million U.S. dollars
India 1,372.8

Where does India export yarn?

Countries like Japan and Hong Kong have more weaving mills than spinning mills5. Therefore, India has an advantage in exporting cotton yarn to Asian countries. Next to the Asian continent, India exports more to Europe.

Where is cotton exported from India?

21.97 lakh Bales of Cotton exported from India to China out of the total exports of 54.83 lakh Bales, 275 million kg of Cotton Yarn also exported to China out of the total exports of 980 million kg.

Export of Cotton (in lakh bales)
Country OCT 2020-APR 2021
CHINA P RP 21.97
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Which country imports the most cotton?

Top Raw Cotton Importing Countries In The World

Rank Country Total % of Import In The World
1 China 21
2 Vietnam 13
3 Turkey 11
4 Bangladesh 9

Which country is the major importer of cotton yarn?

While China is the largest importer of cotton yarn with a share of 46.7% globally, India remains the largest exporter of cotton yarn in the world.

Which country is the main exporter of Indian yarn?

Selvaraju, secretary general of The Southern India Mills’ Association. Cotton yarn exports to China constituted around 30 per cent of India’s exports of this commodity last year.

Which country exports cotton?

The United States was the leading exporter of cotton worldwide in 2020/21.

Leading cotton exporting countries in 2020/2021 (in 1,000 metric tones)*

Characteristic Exports in thousand bales
Brazil 2,398
India 1,328
Greece 332
Benin 305

Does India import or export cotton?

Key Markets and Export Destinations

Cotton yarn and fabrics export account for about 23% of India’s total textiles and apparel export. India is the largest cotton producer in the world. India’s overall cotton production accounted for ~360 lakh bales in FY21.

Can I export cotton from India?

“In the last ten days, China alone has ordered over 10 lakh bales (one bale of 170 kg each) with global prices firming up. Also, Pakistan which has a shortfall in production may import cotton and yarn from India if trade between the two nations resumes.

Why does India import cotton?

Our expectation was around 360 lakh bale whereas the harvest was only around 351 lakh bale. However, the main reason for growth in imports is because imported cotton can be at times cheaper, and there are some varieties that have huge demand in the Indian market like ELS that we hardly grow.”

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Which state in India produces more cotton?

Gujarat is the leading cotton growing State followed by Maharashtra.

Where is cotton imported?

The 5 biggest importers (China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan) accounted for just over half (51.2%) of worldwide cotton imports in 2020. From a continental perspective, Asian countries bought over two-thirds (68.2%) of overall cotton imports.