Which is main river in south India?

It is the largest river of South India and is the second largest river in India next only to river Ganga. The total length of Godavari river is 1465 km.

Which is the main river of south?

South India Rivers

River Name Length (km) Places Benifited
Godavari 1465 South-easterly part of Andhra Pradesh
Bhima 861 Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Telangana
Tungabhandra 531 Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Telangana
Pennar 597 Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

What are the major rivers in South India?

Listed below are the rivers of South India or the peninsular rivers:

  • The Narmada.
  • The Tapi.
  • The Mahanadi.
  • The Godavari.
  • The Krishna.
  • The river Kaveri and tributaries Arkavathy, Shimsha, Hemavati, Kapila, Shimsha, Honnuhole, Amaravati, Lakshmana Kabini, Lokapavani, Bhavani, Noyyal, and Tirtha.

Which is the biggest river in South India?

In terms of length, catchment area and discharge, the Godavari is the largest in peninsular India, and had been dubbed as the Dakshina Ganga (Ganges of the South).

Godavari River.

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Path of the Godavari through the South Indian Peninsula [1]
Country India
State Maharashtra,Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

What is the most important river in the South?

The Mississippi River is one of the most important rivers in the United States. It flows 2,340 miles north to south from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.

Which river is south Indian Ganga?

Godavari – The River Godavari is the most important river in the Southern part of India. It flows through 3 states, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is therefore known as the Ganga of the south for this reason.

Which rivers flow south?

Other rivers that flow south to north include: St. John’s River in Florida, the San Joaquin River in California, the Red River running through several southern states, the Shennandoah in Virginia and West Virginia, the Ob, Yenisey and Lena Rivers in Russia, and the Mackenzie River in Canada, to name just a few.

Which is the southernmost river in Kerala?

The southernmost river in Kerala is Neyyar.

How many main rivers are there in India?

Seven major rivers (Indus, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Krishna and Mahanadi )along with their numerous tributaries make up the river system of India. Most of the rivers pour their waters into the Bay of Bengal.

Which is the biggest river in India?

At over three thousand kilometers long, the Indus is the longest river of India. It originates in Tibet from Lake Mansarovar before flowing through the regions of Ladakh and Punjab, joining the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Karachi port.

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Which is the smallest river in South India?

Ponnaiyar River

South Pennar Thenpennai Ponnaiyar
Krishnagiri Dam across the river
Map of the South Pennar river flowing through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
Country India

Where does Krishna river start?

Krishna River. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The river rises in western Maharashtra state in the Western Ghats range near the town of Mahabaleshwar, not far from the coast of the Arabian Sea. It flows east to Wai and then in a generally southeasterly direction past Sangli to the border of Karnataka state.

Which is the third largest river in South India?

It is the third largest river – after Godavari and Krishna – in southern India and the largest in the State of Tamil Nadu, which, on its course, bisects the state into North and South.


Kaveri Cauvery
Region South India
Origin Kodagu, Karnataka
Physical characteristics
Source Talakaveri, Kodagu, Western Ghats, Karnataka

Which river called Red River?

Although once a tributary of the Mississippi River, the Red River is now a tributary of the Atchafalaya River, a distributary of the Mississippi that flows separately into the Gulf of Mexico.

Red River of the South.

Red River Rivière Rouge (former French name), Río Colorado (former Spanish name)
• location Atchafalaya River

Where is Red River?

Red River, also called Red River of the South, navigable river rising in the high plains of eastern New Mexico, U.S., and flowing southeast across Texas and Louisiana to a point northwest of Baton Rouge, where it enters the Atchafalaya River, which flows south to Atchafalaya Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

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Why Red River is red?

After it was explored in 1732–33 by the French voyageur Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Vérendrye, the river, called Red because of the reddish brown silt it carries, served as a transportation link between Lake Winnipeg and the Mississippi River system.