Which parties didn’t support Quit India movement?

Hindu nationalist parties like the Hindu Mahasabha openly opposed the call for the Quit India Movement and boycotted it officially.

Which of the following freedom fighter was not part of Quit India Movement?

Explanation: Raja Ram Mohan Roy was not a part of the Quit India Movement among the following. Who was elected as the president of the Indian Independence League (formed in March 1942) in June 1942?

Why did rajagopalachari refuse to participate in the Quit India Movement?

He also opposed the Quit India Movement and instead advocated dialogue with the British. He reasoned that passivity and neutrality would be harmful to India’s interests at a time when the country was threatened with invasion. He also advocated dialogue with the Muslim League, which was demanding the partition of India.

Which of the following is not a part of Quit India resolution?

The correct answer is None of the above. The failure of the Cripps Mission resulted in the ‘Quit India Resolution’. Gandhiji gave the slogan “Do or Die”’ in his speech.

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What were the reason of failure of Quit India Movement?

Mahatma Gandhi refused to condemn the violence of the masses and held the government responsible for this violence. The Quit India movement failed because of heavy-handed suppression by Government, weak coordination, lack of leadership and a clear-cut programme of action.

Who among the following participated in the Quit India Movement?

People involved: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Asoka Mehta, Jaya Prakas Narayan, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Chakravarti Rajgopalachari.

Who headed Quit India Movement in Satara?

His full name was Nana Ramchanra Pisal and he was a founding member of the Hindustan Republican Association who went underground between 1929 and 1932. Patil was imprisoned eight or nine times during the struggle with the British Raj from 1932 to 1942.

Who founded swatantra party?

The Swatantra Party was an Indian classical liberal political party, that existed from 1959 to 1974. It was founded by C. Rajagopalachari in reaction to what he felt was the Jawaharlal Nehru-dominated Indian National Congress’s increasingly socialist and statist outlook.

What was the another name of Quit India Movement?

Quit India Movement or ‘Bharat Chodo Andolan’, also known as August Kranti Movement, was a call given by Mahatma Gandhi at the Bombay session of All India Congress Committee on August 8, 1942, for an end to the British rule in India.

Who gave the slogan Quit India?

Gandhiji gave the slogan “Do or Die” in his speech at the Gowalia Tank Maidan, now popularly known as August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai. The slogan ‘Quit India’ was coined by Yusuf Meherally who was a socialist and also a trade unionist. He also served as Mayor of Mumbai. He also coined the slogan “Simon Go Back”.

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Who called Gandhi Mahatma?

According to some authors, Rabindranath Tagore is said to have used this title for Gandhi on 6 March 1915. Some claim that he was called Mahatma by the residents of Gurukul Kangadi in April 1915, and he in turn called the founder Munshiram a Mahatma (who later became Swami Shraddhananda).

Did RSS support British?

The British Government believed that the RSS was not supporting any civil disobedience against them, and their other political activities could thus be overlooked. … The RSS neither supported nor joined in the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny against the British in 1945.