Who appoints Indian election commissioner?

Who appoints the Election Commissioner answer?

Appointment & Tenure of Commissioners

The President appoints Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners. They have tenure of six years, or up to the age of 65 years, whichever is earlier. They enjoy the same status and receive salary and perks as available to Judges of the Supreme Court of India.

How is the state election commissioner appointed?

(01)The superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of electoral rolls for, and the conduct of, all elections to the Panchayats shall be vested in a State Election Commission consisting of a State Election Commissioner to be appointed by the Governor.

Who appointed Indian Election Commission 2020?

Shri Anup Chandra Pandey today assumed charge as the new Election Commissioner (EC) of India. Shri Pandey joins the Election Commission of India as second Election Commissioner in a three- member body headed by Chief Election Commissioner Shri Sushil Chandra and Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar.

Who appoints the chief electoral officer of the state?

The Election Commission of India nominates or designates an Officer of the Government of the State/Union Territory as the Chief Electoral Officer in consultation with that State Government/Union Territory Administration. Q 14.

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Who was appointed as the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?

Sukumar Sen (2 January 1898 – 13 May 1963) was an Indian civil servant who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India, serving from 21 March 1950 to 19 December 1958.

Who have the power to decide an election petition?

The correct answer is High Courts. Parliament has enacted Section 80-A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 providing that the High Court shall be the authority for the presentment of election petitions under Article 329(b) of the Constitution.

Who appoints the governor?

The Governor of a State shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal (Article 155). A person to be eligible for appointment as Governor should be citizen of India and has completed age of 35 years (Article 157).

Who appoints the chief election commissioner of India Class 9?

The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) is appointed by the President of India. Election Commission is independent and has a wide-range of powers which are: 1. EC takes decisions on every aspect of conduct and control of elections from the announcement of elections to the declaration of results.

Who are the members of election commission?

Hon’ble Commission

  • Shri Sushil Chandra. February 19, 2019. ECI. Chief Election Commissioner. Shri Sushil Chandra assumed office as the 24th Chief Election Commissioner of India on 13th April 2021. …
  • Shri Rajiv Kumar. September 1, 2020. ECI. Election Commissioner. Sh. …
  • Shri Anup Chandra Pandey. June 9. ECI. Election Commissioner.
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