Who is current Indian Ambassador to Russia?

Who was the first Indian woman ambassador to Russia?

Chonira Belliappa Muthamma (24 January 1924 – 14 October 2009) was the first woman to clear the Indian Civil Services examinations. She was also the first woman to join the Indian Foreign Service. She was the first Indian woman diplomat as well.

Which country is Radhakrishnan ambassador?

In 1931 he was nominated to the League of Nations Committee for Intellectual Cooperation, where after “in Western eyes he was the recognized Hindu authority on Indian ideas and a persuasive interpreter of the role of Eastern institutions in contemporary society.” When India became independent in 1947, Radhakrishnan …

Who is first Ambassador of India?

List of ambassadors of India to the United States

Ambassador of India to the United States
Nominator Ram Nath Kovind
Inaugural holder Asaf Ali
Formation 1947
Website Embassy of India, Washington D.C., United States

Who was the first ambassador to USSR?

Ambassadors of India to the USSR and Russia

Name Years
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan 1949-1952
K.P.S. Menon 1952-1961
Subimal Dutt 1961-1962
T.N. Kaul 1962-1966

When was Dr Radhakrishnan died?

The IFS officer salary structure is also higher than the IAS officer salary structure due to higher allowances. IAS/IPS officers, in contrast, spend their early career in district headquarters and sub-divisional towns which may be in remote areas.

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Can IFS choose country?

An IFS officer has to choose three places of his choice out of the number of vacant posts which are circulated. If he/she is lucky then he/she can get one of the three places of his/her choice. Foreign postings are decided by the Foreign Service Board which is headed by the Foreign Secretary.

Who is current IFS officer?

A 1985 batch IFS officer, Syed Akbaruddin is currently the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations. He was previously the Joint Secretary (External Publicity) in the Ministry of External Affairs, GOI. Akbaruddin is known as the man who changed the face of the government spokesman.