Who was the founder of British Indian Association?

British Indian Association

Who was the founder of Indian Association and when?

The Indian Association was the first avowed nationalist organization founded in British India by Surendranath Banerjee and Ananda Mohan Bose in 1876.

When did British Indian Association was founded?

British Indian Association was created after amalgamating the “Landholders Society” and “British India Society” on 31 October 1851. This was the first political organization that brought the Indians together.

Who founded Indian National Congress?

Surendranath Banerjee and Anandamohan Bose were its main organisers. Two sessions of the conference were held in 1883 and 1885, and these sessions drew representatives from all major towns. The first Indian National Conference session was held in Kolkata at Albert Hall from 28 to 30 December 1883.

Who founded zamindari association?

The Zamindari Association was formed in March 1838 as a political organization for Zamindars. The founders of the association were prominent zamindars of Bengal; such as Bhabani Charan Bandyopadhyay, Dwarkanath Tagore, Prasanna Kumar Tagore, Radhakanta Deb, and Ramkamal Sen.

Who founded landholders society?

The Landholders’s Society was the first political association to be started in India was in Calcutta in 1838. It was established by Dwarkanath Tagore. Its earlier name was Zamindari Association. He established it along with Prasanna Kumar Tagore, Radhakanta Deb, Ramkamal Sen and Bhabani Charan Mitra.

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Who was called the father of Indian National Congress?

Allan Octavian Hume, C. B. : father of the Indian National Congress (1829 to 1912) | INDIAN CULTURE.