Why do foreigners call Indian food curry?

Why do foreigners call Indian curry?

In Tamil, the word kari means a kind of gravy. The Portuguese began to apply that phonetically to many Indian dishes. (Portuguese culinary influences also took root in India, with dishes such as Goa’s tamarind-spiked vindaloo.) Later, the British Anglicized the term into “curry” when they colonized the subcontinent.

What do people mean when they say curry?

“Curry” has long been used by white people to lump all dishes with stew or gravy into one category. But it’s a made-up word, and some brown cooks say it’s time for it to go. Or at least to be scrapped as a catch-all term for food from the Indian subcontinent.

Why are so many foods called curry?

Curry originated in the Indian subcontinent and the word comes from the Indian Tamil word “Kari”meaning a sauce or soup to be eaten with rice. It consists of a mix of spices of which coriander, turmeric, cumin, and red chilies are almost always a constant.

What Indian food do foreigners like?

7. Chhole Bhature. A spicy and greasy preparation, chhole bhature is a heavy breakfast, lunch, or dinner option in most Indian households. One can’t truly relish in the food of India if they haven’t tried out a plate of chhola bhatura.

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Why is curry offensive?

South Asian American food bloggers have called on people to cancel the word curry because of its ties to British colonialism. In the latest fallout since the increased scrutiny over the country’s imperial history, critics say the word curry is too often used to lump very distinct foods from different regions together.

What is cockney slang for curry?

A Ruby Murray – or a Ruby, for short – is a well-known Cockney phrase for a curry.

Is curry English or Indian?

Although curry is an Indian dish modified for British tastes, it’s so popular that it contributes more than £5bn to the British economy. Hence it was hardly surprising when in 2001, Britain’s foreign secretary Robin Cook referred to Chicken Tikka Masala as a “true British national dish”.

Why is curry not Indian?

Because there is no dish in the typical Indian, Pakistani, Bengali or Sri Lankan home that is called a “curry.” India, for example, consists of twenty-eight states and most of these have their own regional cuisine. And people who migrated from India to the UK brought their local dishes with them.

Did curry originate in England?

Curry (as in a spiced dish) is the British name for various spicy dishes they encountered in India. Curry powder is a British invention, when the British tried to replicate Indian food back home.

Do Indians eat only curry?

There is no word for “curry” in Indian languages; you will not find curry powder stocked in Indian homes and grocery stores; and contrary to popular perception, Indians do not eat curry every day. Curry has Indian roots, curry is identified with Indian food, but curry is not Indian.

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Is curry Indian or Japanese?

Definitely, the two cuisines share some similarities, but Indian curry has been around for far longer. The word “curry” itself is derived from the word “kari” of the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka, which means “sauce” or generally denotes vegetables and meat cooked with spices.