Why does SW monsoon does not give much rainfall to Chennai?

The Arabian Sea branch of South West Monsoons strike west ghats, first. After crossing, west ghats, these winds descend down the leeward slope of west ghats where they do not give much rain. The Karnataka and Tamil Nadu remain in rain shadow. … So, these winds give less rainfall in Chennai.

Why does Chennai receives less rainfall through SW monsoon?

Why does Chennai receive less rainfall through South-West monsoon? (i) Bay of Bengal branch of South-West monsoon passes parallel to Chennai coast. (ii) Due to the presence of Western Ghat on its way of flow, Arabian sea branch of South-West monsoon could not cross over and give little or no rain in Chennai.

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Why the South West monsoon rainfall is not received in Tamil Nadu?

During the South-West Monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because it is located in rain shadow area. Tamil Nadu has rain during the monsoon season due to the southwest trade winds which blow towards the northern hemisphere.

Why is South West monsoon less rainy in Chennai during which month does the Tamil Nadu coast get most of its rainfall?

South-west monsoons are less rainy in Chennai because:

South West monsoons blow from June month to September month. These blow from Sea to Land. These blow in two branches: Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea Branch, and give a bulk of rain fall to India from 75 percent to 90 percent.

Why does Tamil Nadu receives less rainfall during monsoon?

Tamil Nadu receives less rainfall in summer from the south-west monsoon as it lies in the leeward side of the Western Ghats. During winters the north-east winds are dry but as they blow over the Bay of Bengal they pick moisture and bring rainfall in Tamil Nadu as north-east monsoons.

Why does the southwest monsoon bring heavy rains?

The heavy rainfall during the southwest monsoon season is hypothesized as caused by strong convective activity generated by monsoon westerlies and enhanced by the presence tropical cyclone (TC) in the vicinity of northeastern Luzon.

Why Chennai has more rainy months but receives less rainfall than Mangalore?

But, the South west monsoon winds blow parallel to the Chennai coast and do not cause much rainfall. Mangalore lies on the windward side of the Western Ghats and hence, it receives more rainfall than Chennai inspite of having less rainy months.

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What type of rainfall is South West monsoon?

The four-month long Monsoon season, which runs from June to September, brings 70% of the country’s annual rainfall. It holds a Long Period Average (LPA) of 89 cm of rain but never behaves in a normal manner. In fact, rainfall distribution mostly remains uneven both in space and time.

Why does the West Coast of India receive more rainfall from South West monsoon than the East Coast?

Solution(By Examveda Team)

The Western Ghats are more elevated and continuous as compared to Eastern Ghats, that is why they (Western Ghats) block the moisture containing winds and receive more rainfall. They also lie opposite to moisture laden monsoon winds.

Which coast does not receive the rainfall from SW monsoon?

The eastern areas of the Western Ghats do not receive much rain from this monsoon as the wind does not cross the Western Ghats. The Bay of Bengal Branch of Southwest Monsoon flows over the Bay of Bengal heading towards north-east India and Bengal, picking up more moisture from the Bay of Bengal.

Why are southwest monsoons less rainy in Tamil Nadu give any three reasons?

The Eastern Ghats are lower in altitude than the Western ghats. Due to this the monsoon rains lose its moisture on the western slopes of the Western Ghats and the rest of the plateau and the eastern ghats gets scanty rainfall. As a result Tamil Nadu (Chennai) gets less rain fall during the South West Monsoons.

Why SW monsoon winds did not occurs any rain in east part of Eastern Ghats *?

The Western Ghats block rain-bearing winds which cause rainfall on the western slopes. Whereas South-west monsoon moves parallel to the Eastern Ghats, which cause less rainfall because in the Eastern Ghats unable to block moisture-laden winds.

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Which coast of India receives less rainfall during southwest monsoon?

Chennai receives the lowest rainfall during the South-West Monsoon. Reasons: ​Chennai is located near the equator and the sea, making the climate hot and humid. It is located on the Coromandal coast and the Bay of Bengal branch of the South-West Monsoon passes parallel to the coast.

Why Tamil Nadu receives winter rainfall?

During the winter season, the winds prevailing in the country are the Northeast trade winds. … Due to the geographical location, the east coast receives rainfall as the north east trade winds blow from sea to land in this location. Hence the coast of Tamil Nadu receives winter rainfall.

Why Tamil Nadu receives rainfall during winter season?

During the monsoons, Tamil Nadu gets rain due to the extreme southwest trade winds blowing to the northern hemisphere. Due to the northeast air currents, Tamil Nadu receives rainfall in the winter season.

Why Tamil Nadu receives rainfall twice a year?

Answer: Tamil nadu lies on the leeward side for the southwest monsoon winds and receives lesser rainfall. Once the monsoon starts retreating after mid- September, North east monsoon sets in during mid-October. Tamil Nadu lies on the windward side for these winds and hence gets more rainfall during the winter season.