Why is my Lycamobile SIM not working in India?

Why is my lycamobile not working in India?

A. Find an option called Lycamobile Services or Lyca Services on your phone. … Following this, reset your phone without taking the SIM out and then start the Manual Network Search again. Once you have manually connected, restart your phone.

Does Lyca Sim work in India?

Lyca Mobile has launched a service using which Indians travelling abroad can call back home at Re 1 per minute. … Lyca Telecom, a subsidiary of UK-based Lyca Mobile, has launched its international roaming SIM card for Indian travellers. The lifetime card is free of rent/deposits, said Lyca Mobile CEO Milind Kangle.

How do I keep my Lyca number active in India?

Change the mode of auto renewal to Main balance.

Get started with international calling by following the 4 simple steps below:

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Can I use my US Lyca Sim in India?

If you have international roaming enabled and if Lyca has collaboration with some Indian operator, then it will work fine. You’ll be able to receive texts and calls but your operator may charge you higher for the same. Please contact them for international roaming tariffs.

What is APN for Lycamobile?

These are the required details for setting up a Lycamobile APN: Name = Lycamobile Internet. APN = data.lycamobile.co.uk. Username = lmuk.

What should I do if my Lycamobile SIM is not working?

If the SIM is damaged, please call Customer Services on 322 where we will provide you with a brand new activated Lycamobile SIM and PUK number and help you transfer your old number to your new SIM within 24 business hours.

Can I call with Lycamobile in India?

We offer cheap calls to India!

Calls to India have never been cheaper! Here, at Lycamobile, we do our best to consistently offer our customers the cheapest possible rates regardless of the destination.

How long is Lyca Sim valid for?

Normally, we will keep your number for 120 days if you do not use our service. However, you may also keep your Lycamobile number for up to 1 year without using our service. Just dial *139*9999# from your Lycamobile and follow the instructions on the screen.

Does Lycamobile work in USA?

Call within United States

At Lycamobile, you can connect with your loved ones anywhere within United States at affordable rates. Take advantage of our talk & text plans that also come with 4G LTE data – stay connected always with Lycamobile!

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Can I get UK SIM in India?

International UK sim cards are also available for people flying to UK from India. Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Uniconnect www.uniconnect.in and Reliance offers World sim card, which means that with the same Indian number your can travel overseas. International roaming charges are slashed to a considerable amount.

How do I activate International calls on lycamobile?

Simply dial 00 followed by the country code you are calling (e.g. 40 for Romania), then the area code without the first 0 (except Italian landlines where the first 0 is kept) and then the phone number and press the call button. Instead of 00 you can also use a “+” (e.g. +40).

What countries does lycamobile work in?

The brand is active in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Can I use Lycamobile in Pakistan?

With Lycamobile, all your national and international calls not only cost less but are easier than ever to make, connecting you to your loved ones in Pakistan for less.

Can I use Lycamobile in Dubai?

We offer cheap calls to UAE!

Calls to UAE have never been cheaper! Here at Lycamobile we do our best to consistently offer our customers the cheapest possible rates regardless of the destination.

What is Lycamobile international credit?

Unlimited international talk and text to over 75 countries is also included as is a $15 bonus international calling credit. Taxes and fees are not included in the price. Lycamobile charges a flat rate of 5% to cover the taxes and fees. … Bonus $1.50 international calling credit.

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