You asked: Is NexMoney Indian app?

Nexmoney is an Indian app providing exciting cashbacks on daily bill payments and recharges along with a scope to earn unlimited income.

What is NexMoney app?

NexMoney gives you option of Best Online Shopping Websites, Best Brand Stores & all your nearby Regional Stores & Service Providers, that too All DIGITALLY EQUIPPED to provide you best services. You will also get upto 100% Cash Back with no upper limit whether you pay digitally or through Cash.

How does NexMoney make money?


  1. SAVING IS EARNING. Whatever you get as a cash back is your saving & saving is your primary earning this is your first type of income.
  2. COMPANY ROYALTY. If your team having 5 direct referral , You will get team 625 person & incentive then you will get Company royalty.

Is NexMoney legal in India?

1. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. As NexMoney is fully legal,Distributor may not present NexMoney promotions on any SOCIAL page, newsgroup, email or any distribution method that is regarded objectionable by Nexmoney.

Who is the owner of NexMoney?

Abhishek Kumar Burman is the Founder, CEO, Chairman & Managing Director at NexMoney: Innovative Way Of Earning .

What is next money?

Next Money is a global network of fintech innovators reinventing finance through design, innovation & entrepreneurship.

Who is the youngest MD of India?

Former Uttrakhand Minister Mr SUKHIRASE HASJAGWAN say’s that Mr. Abhishek Kumar Burman Is The Youngest CMD of any GROUP OF COMPANIES IN INDIA .

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