Can I travel Chennai to Coimbatore?

Is Epass still required in Chennai?

Tamil Nadu lockdown: No e-pass required for travel, liquor shops opened – New COVID-19 rules from today.

Is TN E-Pass required for air travel?

TN epass for flight travel is necessary for passengers travelling anywhere in the state. Passengers can avail the Tn epass for flight from the TN Epass official website

Can we travel inter district in Tamil Nadu?

Chief Minister M.K. … In an official statement, Mr Stalin announced that intra-district and inter-district public bus transport (non air-conditioned only) would be allowed with 50% seating capacity throughout Tamil Nadu from July 5.

Is E-Registration required to travel within Chennai?

As per the latest guidelines, e-registration is mandatory for both inter and intra-district travel and for those entering Tamil Nadu from other states/countries. … In cities like Chennai, e-registration is required to travel from one police limit to another.

Why is TN ePass rejected?

The application for TN ePass can be rejected if the authorities do not feel the reason or the details to be satisfactory and the applicants have to accept the rejection without creating any nuisance. Anyone returning back home after the travel with the ePass has to stay in home isolation of 14 days.

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Is ePass required to travel within Tamilnadu by train?

People wishing to travel from their residence to railway stations/ airports are allowed without an e-pass. E-registration not required for volunteers, caregivers providing food and services for persons with special needs, senior citizens and others.

What is E pass at Chennai airport?

Passengers who are arriving at the Chennai airport can get e-passes from the counters opened in the arrival hall of the domestic terminal, if they fail to get it online.

Is Inter District travel allowed in Chennai?

Intra-district as well as inter-district public transport including buses will be allowed with 50% seating capacity in all districts. … Intra-district as well as inter-district public transport including buses will be allowed with 50% seating capacity.

Is travel allowed between states?

(CNN) — Almost all travel restrictions between US states have been lifted since the spring and early summer of 2021. … Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to self-quarantine, and they don’t need to test negative before or after their travels unless the destination requires it, CDC guidance says.

Can we go Ooty now?

Though an e-pass issued by Tamil Nadu is mandatory to enter the Nilgiris district, the tourists are eager to visit the hill station after the lockdown norms were relaxed in the state. … The Nilgiris comprise of popular hill stations such as Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri.

How can I get pass from Tamilnadu to Kerala?


Person from Kerala stranded in Tamil Nadu: a) Has to register himself/herself on NorkaRoots website and secure the pass on e-jagrata website of Government of Kerala. b) Has to apply for Tamilnadu pass as per category.

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