Can we send Sim from USA to India?

Yes, you can send mobile sim via courier. Only condition is that sim should be locked/ non-operative mode and such declaration from the network operator will be sought by courier company.

Can I ship sim from USA to India?

Yes, you can.

Can sim card be sent through courier?

I recommend just choosing Speed Post or Registered Parcel, so that the sim card can be tracked easily. Your other option would be via private courier but rates are definitely higher for that.

Can a sim card be shipped internationally?

International roaming SIM Cards or global data cards: Among these SIM cards, international roaming SIM cards top the order on the basis of quenching the need for connectivity during the voyage and on ports.

Can you send SIM cards mail?

Yes, you just order a sim card and it will be deliver to you by mail.

Can I get iPhone from USA to India?

Yes. The factory unlocked iPhone bought from the USA will work well in India. Additionally, since Apple has introduced an international warranty on iPhones lately, you will have a warranty on newly bought phones from the US, even in India for a full one year!

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Can I bring iPhone from USA to India?

Yes, you can bring easily 4–6 phones from the States to India without paying customs but you have to un-box it, sign in to your Apple ID and carry the phones in your pocket.

Can I send ATM card via FedEx?

Fedex apparently considers debit cards a prohibited item and I think the other couriers do, too. She previously shipped debit cards to me by regular mail and they were never delivered. Lost forever. Courier is the only safe way, but they won’t accept them!

What are the courier charges from Dubai to India?

India to Uae Courier Charges (Updated Nov 2021)

Weight Delivery Time (Approx) Courier to Uae Charges
1 KG 4-9 Days Rs. 2046
1.5 KG 4-9 Days Rs. 2453
2 KG 4-9 Days Rs. 2863
2.5 KG 4-9 Days Rs. 3270

Can I use Airtel Sim outside India?

Airtel works in most of the countries across the globe. However, our roaming packs are available in around 175 countries. With the International Roaming packs, you get calls and data charges at discounted rate.

How can NRI get SIM card in India?

Indian citizens and foreign nationals can buy a SIM card in India by submitting a set of documents. Your SIM card will get activated within 48 hours and it varies from state to state. Foreign nationals need to submit proof of their Indian address for a postpaid connection.