How many 747 does India have?

The airline has four Boeing 747s, each over 25 years old.

How many Boeing 747 are there in India?

Current Fleet

Aircraft In Service Passengers
Boeing 747-400 4 TBA
Boeing 777-200LR 3 238
Boeing 777-300ER 13 342

Does Air India has Boeing 747?

“As on date, there are four B747-400 aircraft in Air India fleet and their average age is about 26 years,” Singh stated. … Recently Air India run Boeing 747 duo for VVIP transport including the Prime Minister and the President of India were phased out and replaced with Boeing 777.

How many Boeing are there in India?

Boeing Commercial Airplanes

The Indian Ministry of Defence operates four 737-200s and three 737 Boeing Business Jets. Two specially modified Air India 777-300ER are used as Head of State aircraft.

Does Air India have A380?

up to 12 orders for its A380 aircraft, the world’s largest jet, from Air India.

How many planes India have?

Air India currently has a fleet mix of 127 aircrafts making it the largest airline in India in number of planes.

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Is Air India owned by Tata?

The Tata Group founded Air India as Tata Airlines in October 1932. … The government is selling 100 per cent of its stake in the state-owned national airline, including Air India’s 100 per cent shareholding in AI Express Ltd and 50 per cent in Air India SATS Airport Services Private Ltd.

Who is owner of Air India?

Air India Limited
Air India/Головные организации
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