Question: Is Times of India app free?

Start with a 7-day free trial and thereon get unlimited access to well-researched and exclusive stories for 1 year as a paid auto-renewing subscription through an In-App Purchase.

Which is best news app in India?

Top 5 Best Android News App for Indians — 2019

  • Inshorts — 60 words News summary.
  • TOI — News by The Times of India Newspaper — Latest News.
  • JioNews — Live TV, Cricket, Magazines, Newspapers.
  • Dailyhunt (Newshunt)- Cricket, News, Videos.
  • One News — 1000+ NewsPaper & Latest News, Multilanguage support.

Which newspaper app is the best?

All of these news apps are free to download on Android and Apple devices, although some have premium, paid versions available.

  • Google News.
  • The Week.
  • Flipboard.
  • SmartNews.
  • News360.
  • 8. News Break.
  • Ground News.
  • Pocket.

Can you use Apple News free?

What is Apple News+? Apple News+ is both a newspaper and a magazine subscription service that costs a monthly fee. The service can be accessed within the existing Apple News mobile app. While the News app itself is free to use, you will need to pay a monthly fee to read content that’s part of News+.

Which is better TOI or HT?

The Daily Readership of the Times of India are 7.615 Million whereas the Hindustan Times has a readership of 3.8 Million. So in terms of readership Times of India stands higher than the Hindustan Times. Naturally it has more earnings too.


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How do you get Toi Epaper?

How to Download TOI Times of India E-Newspaper Online Free PDF – Today

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Times of India Newspaper.
  2. Moreover, you need to scroll down.
  3. After that you have to click on the given link.
  4. Likewise, you wait for few seconds.

Which is the best news app in India 2021?

The Hindu

The Hindu is one of the most prestigious and most popular news apps on android and iOS. They deliver critical news, analysis and updates on the events and developments happening all around India and the world.

What newspaper apps are free?

24 Best Free News Apps For Android & iOS

The Guardian AP News Pocket
The NewYork Times theScore Reddit
BBC News Financial Times Mint
Inshorts Way2News Google News
Microsoft News Opera News Dailyhunt

How can I read newspapers for free?

Websites that are free to use include the Library of Congress Archives and Free Newspaper Archives. Local libraries also offer online resources to view archived newspapers. Contact your local library or visit the library website to search for resources.

What is the best free online newspaper?

Best Free Newspaper Apps: Serving a Niche, Providing Utility

  • The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal, always known for its journalistic excellence, is banking heavily on video. …
  • Denver Post. …
  • San Francisco Chronicle. …
  • RedEye (Chicago Tribune) …
  • Dallas Morning News. …
  • The Arizona Republic. …
  • Boston Globe. …
  • The Guardian.