Quick Answer: Why did Drake and India love break up?

Who has slept with India love?

Rihanna found out that he slept with India and ended it. We’re told that from the start India wanted to be in a high profile relationship. When her reality show ended [Meet the Westbrooks], she wanted to stay on the blogs, so she and Cliff decided to become a ‘power couple’.

What did India love do?

India Love is a gorgeous TV star whose fame can be traced back to a Tumblr account she created in 2011. She is now a renowned model, artist, and reality TV star.

Did the Game& India Love date?

Rapper The Game Finally Goes Public About His New 18 Year Old Girlfriend India Westbrook. We told you all a while ago that Rapper The Game was dating 18 year old Popular Personality India Love (India Westbrook). … Not only that, it’s only obvious they are dating.

Is India love real?

India Westbrooks is an American television personality, internet personality, and model. She was born as India love Westbrooks on February 3, 1996 in California. She is best known for her Instagram and vine account under the username India love.

What does India love tattoos say?

India Westbrooks got this tattoo on the side of her chest in January 2017. It has six vertical lines of numbers which are cryptograms representing letters in the alphabet. The numbers 25, 15, 21; 3, 1, 14, 20; 2, 18, 5, 1, 11; 13, 5; 2, 5; 8, 1, 16, 16, 25 translate to “You Can’t Break Me.

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Who is India love dating now?

Professional boxer Devin Haney and influencer/model India Love were recently spotted out together getting a little cozy. Rumors of the two being in a relationship recently circulated and video footage has surfaced online seemingly confirming they’re together.

How much is crystal Westbrook worth?

Crystal Westbrooks net worth: Crystal Westbrooks is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $1 million. Crystal Westbrooks was born in Compton, California in March 1994.

Is India love related to Russell Westbrook?

Is India love Russell Westbrook’s sister? Bree Westbrooks is known not just as India Love older sister, but also a plus size model. India’s sister spends a lot of time with her son, and combines it with acting in reality TV series “The Westbrooks ” alongside her 4 sisters.

How old was India love when she was dating the game?

The Game came under fire prior to the Kenza incident back in 2015 when he was caught in the park fondling Instagram model India Love, who was 19 years old at the time. Love claimed that their relationship started when she was 17, but later retracted the statement.

What is India love net worth?

India Love net worth: India Love is an American television personality, model, and internet personality who has a net worth of $1 million. India Love was born in California in February 1996. She is best known for starring on the reality television series The Westbrooks.