When did Fa Hien and Hiuen Tsang visit India?

Hsuan-tsang (sometimes transcribed Xuan Tsang or Xuanzang) was a Chinese Buddhist monk who in 627 AD traveled overland from China to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures.

When did Fa-Hien travel to India?

In 399 CE, about age 60, Faxian was among the earliest attested pilgrims to India. He set out with nine others to locate sacred Buddhist texts. He visited India in the early fifth century. He is said to have walked all the way from China across the icy desert and rugged mountain passes.

When did Hiuen-Tsang visited?

Starting from China in AD 629, Hiuen-Tsang passed through Central Asia by the northern trade route via Kucha and reached Northern India, where, at the city of Kanauj, he was the guest of Harsavardhana, the great Indian emperor.

In which century did Hiuen-Tsang visited India?

If you have ever gone through the ancient history of India, you must have come across the name of the Chinese Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang (var. Hiuen Tsiang) who visited India through the Silk Route between AD 627-643.

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Who came to India first Fa-Hien or Hiuen-Tsang?

Fa-Hien was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India. Fa-Hien came to India to collect Buddhist texts and relics. Fa-Hien visited Lumbini, the Buddha’s birth place. He compiled his experiences in a travelogue “Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms”.

What is the historical significance of Fa-Hien’s visit to India?

He traveled all over India for more than 13 years. Fa-Hien’s visit to India is one of the literary sources to reconstruct the age of Gupta. Fa-Hien wrote about India in his book Fo-kwo-ki (Travels of Fa-hien). He mentioned about two monasteries in Pataliputra – Mahayana and Hinayana.

Who visited India during the reign of Chandragupta II?

Chinese pilgrim Faxian visited India during the reign of Chandragupta, and spent around six years in the Gupta kingdom.

Who was the first Chinese visitor to India?

He visited, among other places, the famed Nalanda monastery in modern day Bihar, India where he studied with the monk, Śīlabhadra. He departed from India with numerous Sanskrit texts on a caravan of twenty packhorses.

Chen Yi
Traditional Chinese 陳禕
Simplified Chinese 陈祎

Who was the ruler when Hiuen Tsang visited India?

Hiuen Tsang was a Chinese traveller who visited India during King Hrashavardhana’s reign. Hiuen Tsang has provided elaborate details on social, economic, and religious conditions under king Harsha’s rule, where he spoke highly of the king. King Harshavardhana was converted to Mahayana Buddhism by Hiuen Tsang.

Which famous Traveller visited the Pallava kings?

Chinese traveller Xuanzang visited Kanchipuram during Pallava rule and extolled their benign rule.

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When did I-Qing and Xuan Zang visit Nalanda?

The Chinese scholars I-Qing and Xuan Zang visited Nalanda in the 7th century CE.

When did I-Qing and Xuan Zang visited Nalanda?

The Chinese scholars, I-Qing and Xuan Zang visited ancient Nalanda University during the 7th century CE.

Who burned Nalanda?

The third and most destructive attack came when the ancient Nalanda University was destroyed by the Muslim army led by the Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. It is believed that Buddhism as a major religion in India had a setback for hundreds of years due to the loss of the religious texts during the attack.

Who wrote the text Si Yu Ki?

Si-yu-ki : Buddhist records of the Western World

DC Field Value
dc.contributor.author Beal, Samuel
dc.date.accessioned 2019-11-17T06:29:44Z
dc.date.available 2019-11-17T06:29:44Z
dc.description Translated from the chinese of Hiuen Tsiang (A. d. 629) ; Vol I

How many years Hiuen Tsang stayed in India?

According to historic records, Tsang started his travel at the age of 28 years in 629 AD and travelled in India for 16 years.