Which is India’s first green station which runs primarily on solar power?

The Guwahati railway station in the capital city of Assam is the first railway station in the country to be fully solar-powered. A major railway thoroughfare in India’s northeastern region, the station handles around 20,000 passengers every day.

Which is the first green station in India?

The newly built Kevadiya station is the country’s first railway station with a green building certification by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) since its inception.

Where is India’s first fully solar powered station?

Indian Railways’ Vijayawada station in the state of Andhra Pradesh became the first railway station in the country to be covered with 130 kWp solar panels. According to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, now 18 per cent of the total power consumption of the railway station will be from this solar energy.

Which state is first in solar energy in India?

Rajasthan has topped in installed capacity of solar energy in India with 7737.95MW as per the state-wise report released by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). The state has added a solar installed capacity of 2348.47MW in 2021 within eight months.

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Which is India’s first village powered entirely by solar energy?

The Sun temple town of Modhera in Gujarat will soon be declared as India’s first completely solar-powered village.

What is Green railway station in India?

The Asansol railway station, which falls under the Eastern Railway zone has been recently certified with “Green Railway Station Platinum Rating” by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Which is the first railway station in Chennai?

The first train of South India started operating in June 1856 from Royapuram railway station.

Royapuram railway station.

Station of Chennai Suburban Railway and Southern Railways
Royapuram station
Coordinates 13.10403°N 80.29366°E
Owned by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways

Which is the first solar airport?

Cochin International Airport, India’s first airport built under a public-private-partnership (PPP) model, has scripted another chapter in aviation history by becoming the first airport in the world that operates completely on solar power. The 12 MWp solar power plant was inaugurated by Hon Chief Minister Mr.

Which has become the first station to be fully solar powered?

The first “fully solar powered” railway section in India. South Central Railway’s Nandyal-Yerraguntla section in Guntakal Division has been declared as the first solar section in India that has all of its stations in one stretch powered by solar panels.

Which Indian airport runs on solar power?

PUDUCHERRY: Puducherry airport has become the Airports Authority of India’s (AAI) first entirely solar-powered airport in the country with the commissioning of 500KWp ground-mounted solar power plant at a cost of Rs 2.8 crore.

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Which state tops green energy production in India?

Karnataka. Karnataka is the top solar state in India exceeding 5,000 MW installed capacity by the end of financial year 2017–18. The installed capacity of Pavagada Solar Park is 2050 MW by the end of year 2019 which was the world biggest solar park at that time.

Which state ranks first in the country in solar power installed capacity?

Installed Solar Energy Capacity in States:

Rank State Installed Solar Capacity (MWp)
1 Rajasthan 7737.95
2 Karnataka 7469
3 Gujarat 5708
4 Tamil Nadu 4675

Which state produces the most solar power?

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