Can I drive with my Indian driving license in Germany?

You may drive in Germany with your valid full Indian licence for the period of up to six months upon entering Germany if you intend to stay there only temporarily. … Indian licences are not simply exchanged for German ones, you will be asked to pass a full theoretical and practical driving test.

How do I exchange my Indian driving Licence in Germany?

List of recommended documents

  1. Personal ID or Passport.
  2. Biometrical passport picture.
  3. Driving license and a copy of the driving license.
  4. Translation of the driver’s license (if it’s not in German or English)
  5. Proof of residence (Meldebescheinigung)
  6. First aid certificate.
  7. Eye test certificate.

Can you drive in India with German license?

Yes, foreign citizens are able to drive any motor vehicle in India as long as they have an international driving license or an Indian license. An international driving license for India is valid for 1 year from the date of issue and can be obtained from any Regional Transport Office (RTO) in India.

Can I drive with Indian license in Europe?

Can I drive in Europe with an Indian licence? Technically, you can drive anywhere in Europe with an Indian licence provided that you have an International Driving Permit (IDP). Your Indian licence will be valid for a period of up to 6 months from the time of your entering in Europe.

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How long can I drive in Germany with a foreign license?

If you bring a foreign car into Germany, you can continue driving with your foreign licence plates for up to 12 months. After that, you will need to register your car to get German licence plates. You may need to have your car modified to pass the vehicle safety inspection.

Can Indian international driving license valid countries?

The Indian licence is accepted in several countries as listed above; however, an International Driving Licence or Permit (IDP) will enable you to drive in other countries as well. Applying for an IDP is easy and you can apply for the same at the local Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Does Germany accept international drivers license?

Is an International Driving Permit Required in Germany? Although an International Driving Permit is not required in Germany, it is highly recommended to avoid miscommunication between law officials. If you are a non-German speaking tourist, you need an international driver’s license in Germany.

In which country I can drive car with Indian license?

10 Countries That Allow You to Drive with an Indian Driving License

  • Australia: …
  • New Zealand: …
  • Switzerland: …
  • France: …
  • Norway: …
  • South Africa: …
  • United States of America: …
  • United Kingdom:

Which countries can I drive with German license?

Valid German driving licences, including those of the former GDR , are recognized in the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein).

Is Indian driving license valid in Georgia country?

Non-US citizens with a valid foreign driver’s license are allowed to drive in the state of Georgia for tourism or business purposes. If you choose to drive with a license issued by a foreign country, a law officer may ask for your passport or visa to verify the license is valid.

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Can I drive in Paris with Indian license?

Indian tourists can drive in France for a year with a valid Indian license. However, it’s mandatory to carry a French translation. You can apply for it at the Indian Embassy in France.

Can Tourists drive Germany?

Your own driver’s license is valid in Germany, at least at the outset. If you’re just visiting and are from outside the EU and EEA and don’t intend to become a resident, you may need to get an International Driving Permit or an official translation of your home country license to carry along with your current license.