Frequent question: How can I get married in Dubai for Indian and Nepali?

Identification papers of the applicants (valid passports, Emirates IDs) Certificate of an applicant’s legal capacity in marrying from Philippine or Nepal embassy in UAE. Death certificate or divorce decree required in verifying capacity to marry and civil status. Documentation regarding paternal advice or consent.

Can an Indian citizen get married in Dubai?

Court marriage in Dubai can be conducted between an Indian and a Pakistani regardless of caste, creed, or religion. The procedure of Dubai court marriage does away with ceremonies and rituals associated with traditional Indian and Pakistani marriages.

How can I legally get married in Dubai?

Marriage contract needs to be registered in a Sharia court in the UAE. Legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri years; otherwise, the judge’s approval is required. A spouse’s age should not be twice the other; otherwise, the judge’s approval is sought. A premarital screening certificate is needed.

What documents do you need to get married in UAE?


  • Original birth certificates.
  • Original passport.
  • Proof of residence in the UAE ( self or guardianship)
  • Valid Emirates ID.
  • A healthy fitness certificate for marriage.
  • A certificate of proof of marital status for both parties (single, married, divorced).
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How much does it cost to get married in Dubai?

The average cost of a wedding in Dubai ranges from $81,000 (Dh300,000) to $136,000 (Dh500,000). Rhiannon Downie-Hurst, founder and editor-in-chief of the wedding website, tells The National that, “Western expatriate couples in the UAE typically spend about $55,000 (Dh200,000) on their wedding day.”

Where can I get married fast?


  • New York. With a waiting period of just 24 hours and no residency requirement, New York is an ideal spot for a quick wedding. …
  • Las Vegas. …
  • Hawaii. …
  • USA: Other States. …
  • Denmark. …
  • Gibraltar. …
  • New Zealand.

What documents are needed to get married in Dubai?


CONSULAR HOURS Sundays to Thursdays (except legal holidays)
Application of Visa 8:00am – 11:30am (Cut-off)
Releasing of Visa 4:00pm – 5:00 pm

Can I get married in Dubai on visit visa?

The couple must have a legal and valid residency visa. Although, if the woman is entering Dubai on a visit visa along with her father or a legal guardian, then the residence visa of a male who wants to marry the girl with a visit visa will be enough. It will allow the couple to complete the marriage process.

Is civil marriage allowed in Dubai?

Non-Muslims will be allowed to marry, divorce and get joint child custody under civil law in Abu Dhabi according to a new decree issued on Sunday by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi.

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How long does it take to get married in Dubai?

For people to get married in Dubai, the paperwork almost takes 4 weeks. The age of both the men and the women should be above 18 whereas the bride and groom should not be related as well. There should be 2 witnesses with their ID proofs. Note that the legalities may differ from nationality to nationality.

Where can you get married in Dubai?

Residents can get married at the Dubai Court or Abu Dhabi Judiciary. Non-Muslims may not marry in the Dubai Court. Marriage of non-Muslim residents may only happen in their embassy (if allowed), church, temple etc.