Frequent question: What is the best liver transplant hospital in India?

What is the best hospital for liver disease in India?

Gleneagles Global Hospitals India is the best HPB & Liver Surgery hospital in India offering the best liver surgery, liver failure treatment, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease and Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery diseases.

What is the success rate of liver transplant in India?

Liver Transplant Success Rate in India

With about 90% success rate for liver transplantation in India, you can be assured of exceptional quality and holistic care.

How much does a liver transplant cost in India?

The cost of a liver transplant can range anywhere between 20 – 25 lakhs. This includes the pre-transplant evaluation, the surgery itself and the post-surgery recovery period. There are certain factors that affect the cost of an organ transplant.

What hospital does the most liver transplants?

New Orleans’s Ochsner Foundation Hospital came in first place, with 213 transplants in 2015. University of California San Francisco Medical Center came in second place, with 159 transplants. Baltimore’s University of Maryland Medical System came in third, with surgeons there transplanting 153 livers.

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Which hospital is best for liver cirrhosis?

The RIMC Advantage

Rela Institute and Medical Center’s (RIMC) expert medical panel consists of top liver cirrhosis doctor in India and is undoubtedly the best hospital for treatment of liver cirrhosis in Chennai. In case of any complication in liver cirrhosis you can trust RIMC for timely guidance and treatment.

Which treatment is best for liver cirrhosis?

The main treatment for primary biliary cirrhosis is to slow liver damage with the drug ursodiol (Actigall, Urso). Ursodiol can cause side effects like diarrhea, constipation, dizziness, and back pain.

What is the longest liver transplant survivor?

Gordon Bridewell had his gruelling 12-hour op 40 years ago after doctors found an inoperable tumour. He had four false alarms as he waited for a donor after a search across Europe.

What is the cost of a liver transplant?

According to, a health care cost comparison website, the average list price for a liver transplant is about $330,000, while the average negotiated price, through an insurance company, is $100,400.

Can you live a long life after liver transplant?

On average, most people who receive LT live for more than 10 years. Many may live for up to 20 years or more after the transplant. A study says 90% of people with transplant survive for at least 1 year, and 70% of people may live for at least 5 years after transplant.

Is liver transplant legal in India?

Is Liver transplant legal in India? Yes, liver transplant is legal in India but is bound by certain clauses which have been framed to prevent commerical use of organs. On July 8, 1994, the President of India assented to the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (Act No.

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Is liver transplant successful in India?

Liver Transplant is a very successful treatment and in-hospital survival or success rate is more than 95% at advanced and well-equipped liver transplant centers. This means that out of 100 liver transplants performed, 95 patients recover and are discharged in healthy conditions.

What is success rate of liver transplant?

Liver transplant survival rates

In general, about 75% of people who undergo liver transplant live for at least five years. That means that for every 100 people who receive a liver transplant for any reason, about 75 will live for five years and 25 will die within five years.