How do I get from Bangalore Airport to Mysore?

How can I go from Bangalore Airport to Mysore?

Travel options

  1. By Air. The nearest major airport to Mysore is the new Bangalore International Airport, which is about 170 kilometres away. …
  2. By Bus. You can also take the bus from Kempegowda Bus Station in Majestic (near the Bangalore City Railway Station) to Mysore. …
  3. By Train. …
  4. Road/Self Drive.

Is Uber available in Bangalore airport?

Yes. Tap here for a list of airports around the world where you can request a ride with Uber. … The cost of an Uber trip to (or from) BLR depends on factors that include the type of ride you request, the estimated length and duration of the trip, tolls, and current demand for rides.

How can I travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is bus to Mysore and takes 2h 30m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Mysore is bus to Mysore and takes 2h 30m. Buses from Jabbar Travels, Asian Xpress, Meenakshi Travels etc. Train numbers 06503 etc.

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How much does airport taxi cost in Bangalore?

Quick Ride Bangalore Airport Taxi Vehicle Types and Km Charges

Distance Hatchback Sedan
Upto 20 km ₹475 ₹550
Upto 35 km ₹750 ₹800
Upto 40 km ₹840 ₹890
Upto 45 km ₹925 ₹975

Does Mysore have airport?

Mysore Airport is also known as Mandakalli Airport. Mysore airport serve the city from all major airports of the nation. … The proposal of international flights from the airport was made in the year 2206 as the nearest international airport to the city of Mysore is the Bangalore international airport.

What is the train timings from Bangalore to Mysore?

Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings

Train No. Train Name Arrival in Mysore
16222 Kaveri Express 06:50
56233 Bangalore Mysore Passenger 08:30
22682 Chennai Mysore Weekly SF Express 08:20

Is Ola cheaper than Uber?

Ola came in at the cheapest at a cost of $14.89 while Uber cost $19.93 and Didi was the most expensive at $20.29. But how does the pay compare for drivers? Uber drivers net an average of $1.51 per kilometre, while Ola and Didi drivers earn about 15% more with around $1.70 per kilometre.

What is the cost of Uber per km?

For vehicles which are valued upto Rs 5 lakh, there will an additional per kilometre can be between Rs 18-Rs 36 on top of minimum fare upto 4 km which is Rs 75. A minimum fare upto 4 km- Rs 100 will be charged for vehicles valued between Rs 5 lakh-10 lakh with an additional fare per kilometre between Rs 21-Rs 42.

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Is toll included in airport taxi Bangalore?

When contacted, Uber did not respond. Ola in a statement said: “Ola’s app allocates the shortest route for any destination; this holds true for airport rides as well, which usually involve passing through the toll road. In such cases, toll charges are included in the bill.

How much is the train fare from Bangalore to Mysore?

The rate for the Mysore Express (16231) is Rs. 140 for Sleeper (SL), Rs. 260 for Chair Car (CC), Rs. 495 for Third AC (3A) and Rs.

How can I go to Mysore from Bangalore by train?

Other Bangalore to Mysore Trains

  1. SHATABDI EXP #12007. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  2. RU MYS WKLY EXP #11066. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  3. KARWAR EXP #16523. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  4. TIPPU EXPRESS #12614. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  5. MYSORE EXPRESS #22682. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  6. MYSORE EXPRESS #16231. Departs on:SMTWTFS. …
  7. KANNUR EXP #16517. …
  8. SNSI MYS EXPRESS #16218.

Which taxi is cheaper in Bangalore?

Deepam Taxi provides the most Reliable , Affordable and Cheapest fare Taxi services in and around Bangalore.

Is Airport taxi working in Bangalore?

Even it isn’t the cheapest way to Bengaluru city centre, you can ride a taxi at Bangalore Airport since it is the most comfortable and personal mean of transport. … Total ride time to Bangalore city centre is about an hour. There is available a special pink taxi service driven by women, for women.

Are airport taxis running in Bangalore?

In the absence of taxi services, air-passengers are relying on private vehicles or Vayu Varja Services of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to reach the airport. … A total of 85 buses are running between the city and the airport.

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