How do they celebrate Christmas in India?

Some families exchange gifts or give small presents or sweets to children. They may display small electric lamps or small clay oil-burning lamps and decorate their homes with banana or mango leaves. Some also put up a nativity scene with clay figures or a Christmas tree.

What is Christmas in India called?

Though the majority of Indians are Hindu, millions of people still celebrate Christmas in India (called Bada Din, meaning “big day”).

How India celebrate Christmas at home?

While out shopping, also consider picking up small gifts or sweets to exchange with loved ones on Christmas Day. Instead of giving large presents, people in India will visit neighbors and friends, and give home-made sweets or small trinkets. You can choose whatever wear you are most comfortable with.

What do they eat for Christmas in India?

India. Indian people cook a variety of foods, including biryani with chicken or mutton, chicken and mutton curry, followed by cake or sweets like kheer. Long established Christian communities such as Goan Catholics have pork dishes and beef dishes as part of their main course of their Christmas dinner.

How do you say Merry Christmas in India?

1- Merry Christmas!

मेरी क्रिसमस! meri krismas!

Is Christmas a holiday in India?

Christmas holiday in India is a gazetted holiday. It celebrates the origin of Jesus. The Christians across the nation celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. In a majority of nations, 25 December every year will be a public holiday including India.

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Where is Christmas celebrated in India?

In addition, Christmas is widely celebrated by the substantial Christian population in India’s remote northeast region (head to Shillong in Meghalaya, Kohima in Nagaland, or Aizwal in Mizoram), as well as other south Indian cities such as Bangalore and Chennai.

Do Indian people celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is the favorite time of the year for many across the world and India is no exception to it. While the country has a Christian minority, every individual soaks up the magical atmosphere of Christmas becoming a part of a joyful Christmas festival of Indian traditions.