Is it compulsory to join army in India?

Is it compulsory to go to army in India?

India, being a democracy, its constitution has not provided for compulsory military training.

Is it compulsory to join army?

The United States does not have compulsory military service; however, it is also included in this list because all males between the ages of 18 and 25 must register with the Selective Service to be drafted if needed. The United States has the highest defense spending budget of any country.

Is it worth joining Indian army?

Job Security: In the army, soldiers are rarely fired and you will always have a job for as long as you want it. Since you are now a Sarkari Damaad, you will have job security depending on the commission you choose. So, there is no general risk of losing your job.

What is compulsory for Indian army?

Soldier (General Duty ) SSLC/Matric with 45% marks in aggregate, 17½ – 21 Yrs (All Arms) and 32% in each subject. No % required if higher qualification, then only pass in Matric i.e 10+2 and above.

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Why is military compulsory Bad?

Physical health issues

Some people might also suffer from serious health issues during their time in the military. … Moreover, since people often have to carry out quite exhausting work during their mandatory military service, they may also be more vulnerable to infections and diseases during this time.

How long is military service in India?

The duration for men is three years and for women, it is two years. Exemptions are made in some cases, such as on medical grounds and on account of religious beliefs. On the other hand, in the United States, men between 18 years and 25 years of age are required to register with the Selective Service System.

What countries force you to join the military?

Nigeria, Germany, and Denmark have mandatory national service. Countries like Russia, China, Brazil, Sweden, Israel, and South Korea have military conscription — though their military personnel systems vary greatly in policy, objectives, and structure.

How many types of soldiers are there in India?


Indian Armed Forces
Indian Army 1,237,117 960,000
Indian Navy 67,228 55,000
Indian Air Force 139,576 140,000
Indian Coast Guard 11,000

Is compulsory military service good?

Compulsory service would save the government money and provide benefits to all citizens. If national service were mandatory, just as jury duty is required of everyone, the number of participants would grow and the resulting benefits would be exponentially higher.

Can I study while in the army?

If you serve in the military and are thinking of moving forward in your education, then it is possible to pursue a degree while continuing your service. Online programs and military-friendly schools offer flexibility to help active military students balance higher education and service obligations.

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What are the disadvantages of the army?

Disadvantages of Joining the Military

  • Joining the army can be dangerous.
  • You don’t know where you have to go.
  • Difficult if you have a family.
  • Your wife and kids may worry all day long.
  • May be hard to plan for the future.
  • You will not get rich by joining the army.
  • You may suffer from serious injuries.

Is it easy to get in army?

Getting into the army is not going to be easy, given the intense competition. So, check out this free online career test to find out what category of careers would be best suited for your personality. On that last point, try out this personality test too to know who you really are.