Is soft copy of driving Licence valid in India?

Soft copy of the driving license and registration certificate maintained in any other form is not acceptable as original record, according to the statement released by the state government.

Can we show soft copy of driving Licence in India?

Bengaluru commuters can now show digital copies of documents to traffic police. … Bengaluru citizens can now produce their driving license, registration certificate or other documents to the traffic police in the digital form, without any fines.

Is it okay to show soft copy of driving Licence?

NEW DELHI: You will no longer need to carry the physical copy of your driving licence, registration certificate, permits, PUC and insurance documents of your vehicle, if you have the digital copies in the MParivahan or digilocker app on your smartphone.

Is photocopy of DL valid?

As per the Indian law, it is necessary for you to produce your original car documents to the cops if asked. However, it is not mandatory to show the physical version of them anymore. … A normal scanned copy of any of your vehicle documents will not be valid.

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Is electronic driving Licence valid in India?

“The Traffic Police and Enforcement Wing of Transport Department duly accept the electronic form of driving license and registration certificate if shown in the Digilocker and m-Parivahan app,” the notice said. … These are legally recognised at par with the certificates issued by the transport department, it added.

Can I download a copy of my driving licence?

DigiLocker will now fetch your driving licence from the transport department. You can now look at your driving licence by going to the Issued Documents list. The driving licence can be downloaded in soft copy by clicking on the PDF button. You can also get it on your smartphone by downloading the DigiLocker app.

Can I drive with a picture of my license India?

The government has brought in amendments in the current law to allow people to carry electronic versions of documents like driving licence or registration copy of their vehicle. … However, a normal scanned copy of these documents will not be valid.

Is digital driving license valid?

Conditions. The NSW Digital Driver Licence is legal for use across NSW and is accepted by most pubs and clubs, and NSW Police. … Carry your plastic card if you plan to travel overseas or interstate and as a backup to your digital driver licence.

Can I show E license on my phone?

Under the revised rules by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, you can now carry soft copies of your documents in DigiLocker and mParivahan apps. The two apps allows you to download the driving licence or the registration certificate and store it on your mobile phone.

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Can I show virtual DL to traffic police?

Showing an electronic photo of your driving licence (DL) or registration certificate (RC) on your mobile phone to a traffic police or enforcing authority will not do, if it is not reflected in the DigiLocker or mParivahan app, as per the revised rules of Road Ministry.

How can I download my driving Licence PDF?

How to download driving license in pdf format ?

  1. If your Aadhar is linked, you can see that your Name and Date Of Birth is automatically filled. …
  2. Enter your Driving license number.
  3. Now click on ‘Get Document’ button.
  4. Your driving License data will be fetched and Linked with DigiLocker Account.